The Fight

Watching the MMA fights and strongmen competition I photographed a few days ago it is clear how life imitates a fight. Just as in a fight you attack, you defend yourself, you land in a grip that seems unbreakable, you’re helpless and defenseless, you get up, you come back, you turn the table, get out […]

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One Day In a Year

Just like UFO enthusiasts, bikers, environmentalists, cults and just about every variety of worshippers, people with a sense of culture gather for a day to pay tribute to a dying value. Culture. We celebrate it on the anniversary of the death of our most famous poet, France Prešeren, the author of our national anthem, which […]

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A Horseride to a Distant Time

The eighth of February is the anniversary of the death of our greatest poet France Prešeren. He died in my home town and every year on this day, we have an event called Prešeren’s Fair with stands and folklore dances, figures from Prešeren’s time etc. The president of Slovenia and the minister of culture also […]

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Images of 2008

2008 has been quite a busy year. So I decided to go through the images and see what was going on. I excluded features like the water problem of Egypt and the shift in lifestyles in modern Cairo. Nor did I include the garbage problem of Naples or Tuscany street photography. I chose the events […]

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