One Day In a Year

Just like UFO enthusiasts, bikers, environmentalists, cults and just about every variety of worshippers, people with a sense of culture gather for a day to pay tribute to a dying value. Culture. We celebrate it on the anniversary of the death of our most famous poet, France Prešeren, the author of our national anthem, which – how appropriate – is a toast. But yesterday was amazing. Kranj, where Prešeren worked as a lawyer, was packed with people. Choirs sang, chariots carried people on a round ride, the town celebrated Prešeren’s times. The poet himself and his beloved came to life. As well as many old citizens, dressed the way they were back then. A great day and a wonderful event!

However, singing started an evening before. All around the town. Not a big turnout and mostly old people, but today’s crowd made it all fair and square.

A shop window
In front of Prešeren's house
Main square
In front of the Prešeren's Theatre
Hostages (of the wind) listening to the choir in front of Prešeren's Theatre.

Yap, for those of you who don't know him - this is him, back from the grave.

Playing an old game, popular in Prešeren's times


In the front…

And in the back:

Four kids and a baby. Who says I can’t have fun?! I’m the most chidlishly enthusiastic person in the photo! (Photo by Matej Slabe)

Check out the girl on my right, going: “Wow, this guy’s really missing some screws… He must be mental.”

In many ways I am. 😉 Just so you know I’m not exactly a 24/7 grumpy guy, even if I love to rant about things that are just wrong. And nevermind I look ill. I figure I’m just tired, sleep deprived. But even if I am (and don’t know it yet), hey, you know, famous after death and stuff… 😀