So Many Questions

So for a Slovenian the grass is always greener on the other side, ha? Is that what we’re implementing in our work now? Generally, systematically, institutionalized? Is that what we should all have in our resumes as a precondition to being respected and valued? Should we all just start dropping high flying names of countries […]

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Še sam ne morem čisto verjeti, da po štirih letih priprav, osmišljanja, zorenja ideje, opogumljanja, končno začenjam svoj osebni megaprojekt. Mogoče je s fotografijo povezan le bežno in morebiti nikoli ne bo stopil pred javnost. Ni nekega finančnega vložka, vendar tudi zaslužka ne. So pa lahko druge koristi, spremembe, a žal tudi posledice. Verjetno je […]

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The Best Time of my Afterlife

As I sat at a table of a local bakery and gelateria in Ankaran I suddenly experienced a dejavu that continued for about a minute. I take it as proof that the entire experience is one of the most valuable in my life, because I don’t have dejavus of unimportant events or periods in life. […]

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Crazy Times

It’s been a while since I had enough time to write what’s been going on. Here it is. After Slovenia Press Photo record things went heywire. And in the mean time, I actually found time to join my parents on a trip to Corsica and Sardinia, which is where the photos in this blog are […]

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Show some respect!

Alright, I promised my international friends the next post would be in English and I’m keeping that promise. It’s about something I’ve been witnessing on the side of all the protests I’m covering. I’ll keep the report down to raw visual description, no opinions. But if any slip through my “flood gates”, keep in mind […]

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