21 Points of No Return

I don’t sleep. When I do, I dream. When I don’t, I dream. I try to put the pieces together to see the whole picture and I’m throwing stuff around and shuffle the information and trying to make sense of things. It’s bringing up an image that troubles me, but I guess it’s all good. […]

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Taking The Road Less Trodden

You know me. I can’t get out of my skin. 😉 I’ve been busy lately, of course, doing stories for National Geographic Junior, being an official photographer of a few festivals, and it’s clear that I’m not really slowing down. Let’s face it, how much more could I slow down anyway? To someone with a […]

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30 min Sfukenije

Pozor: popizdil sem! Takšen bo tudi moj zapis spodaj, ker imam poln kurac tega naroda zagamanega! Ne bom več tiho. Za pol ure sem šel ven. In to je zgodba teh 30 minut. Sedem v avto (ki ni moj, jaz si svojega nikoli ne bom mogel privoščiti) in zamenjam vinjeto (ki so mi jo morali […]

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Off Life

I walk past the place I call my life or where I left it, a camp by the seaside, and I observe what has become after it fell from grace of the elites who preferred more expensive resorts and could not understand any other value than that of money, which is why this little camp […]

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