So Many Questions

So for a Slovenian the grass is always greener on the other side, ha? Is that what we’re implementing in our work now? Generally, systematically, institutionalized? Is that what we should all have in our resumes as a precondition to being respected and valued? Should we all just start dropping high flying names of countries we’ve worked in, even if we only set one foot across the border? Should we deny our Slovenian “parents” to boast with our collaborations (however brief or occasional or a “one night stand” they might be) with the big guns from abroad? Are we like celebrity hunters now? What are we doing? When did a celebrity status become a condition for our work to be deemed important, valued and respected? When did a big company name attached to an author become the sole condition that the work is good? Do all others produce unworthy, useless work of low quality? Does nobody produce better work or as good as those who work for major outlets? Have we really become so limited? Do we really need someone else to tell us what is good? Do we really need to worship only the elite? And when did a name, like family names back in Medieval times, started defining the elite? With the arrival of ignorance to the work of the rest? With a nation of celebrity hunters? With primitivism or populism?

Are we defined by luxury? By exotic travels? Dangerous endeavours? Wealth? How excruciatingly happy we are? How our lives are great? How many children we have? What big house we live in? By dropping the newage fortune cookie quotes that make us look smart (although out of touch with reality) all over the place? How we’ve made it internationally? Is that all we’re worth? Is that all that makes us worthy? Is that why Slovenians 99% of the time post photos of where they’ve been and how much fun they’ve had? Are you acting? Or you lying to yourself? Or are you just plain bragging? And if so, why? Because you’re building an image of yourself? Lifting it? Are you celebrifying yourself? (Yes, I just coined a phrase) Because that would give you value and respect? Why do you think that is all that’s worth publishing?

When did we start denying that people have different lives and choices and options than ours? When did we start looking away? When did we become so egotistical as to push away anything and anybody who doesn’t blow roses up our asses? When did we start allowing someone else to tell us what we should think is good, respectable, worthy (of whatever)? When did we switch off our own brain?

Do you believe the others are beneath you? Does that dictate your choices? Is that what constitutes your priorities? Is that your fuel for exclusion? Does it make you bigger? Your work harder? Your effort greater? Your work better?

Do you know empathy? Understanding? Are you able to look beyond your world? Your bubble? Are you willing? Or do you want to look away? Does that make you human, or something else?

Hm…. I don’t like what I see…