Culture and Quality

It’s pretty damn hard to understand this cuntry (intentional mistake) after you’ve been raised to know the proper values of quality, culture, professionalism etc. As I’ve written before, we’ve managed to downgrade all of it, including the respect and value of the country itself, in just a few years. Immoral scum abusing workers is popping up everywhere. Stealing and fraud is the law. Egotism is king, so it’s no surprise our politicians can’t form a government. Everybody is working for their own benefit. Their self-centered behavior is infantile. Their decisions are destructive for the citizens of this country, but they benefit the “upper classes”. Sounds like the Middle Ages? Well, yes, our cuntry just figured out how to travel back in time. We do not deserve to be in the EU.

Maribor has become the European Cultural Capitol. My patriotic self is proud, but knowing what this cuntry is all about, I’m like a parent worried their kid will do something to embarrass himself. Simply because I know standards of culture in Slovenia are a lot different than abroad. I truly believe the opening ceremony was nice. But that’s all. Many foreign journalists (not just one) criticized the city for being dead and dull. And knowing Slovenian cities it doesn’t really surprise me. Not many of them have much going on on a regular day, especially on the streets, but the counter argument of our leading commercial television told more about Slovenian culture and our perception of it than any cultural event before. See, according to them the reason why the journalist thought nothing of cultural value is happening in Maribor is because she didn’t go down to the cramped suffocating bars full of happy people gulping down pints of beer. Who says nothing is happening in this city? The bars are full, aren’t they? Need I say more? Well, maybe just mention that these counterarguments were presented onto a backdrop of a totally empty square. But hey, as long as we have drinking in pubs and all sorts of other parties with go go dancers we have culture, right?

We are frequently criticized for being too closed in, and this is a clear sign of how right those critiques are. In fact, we’re so detached from the rest of the world that we can’t even understand some normal standards of what culture is. Obviously, the standards that are believed to be worthy of a title of Cultural Capital. And here’s the catch. It’s not like Germany has no bar parties or cities where nothing else but bar parties are happening. And it’s not like Maribor only has that. But when the civilized world speaks of culture they don’t have that in mind. Standards are much higher. And although we know Maribor can do better, well, it didn’t, did it? Or it should do better more often, I guess. The entire country should. But instead we defend ourselves by claiming bar parties are culture. And that’s my main concern. That we honestly believe and even publicize (and therefore mark as the truth – people are docile) our belief that this is culture. And we are so full of ourselves that we don’t even think twice when going against opinions of foreigners. That’s just amazing. How the intelect can drop.

The quality of culture is obviously a very distant notion to most people in this cuntry. It’s clearly seen in what cultural products succeed. Those of us who frequently glance outside our borders are simply amazed at the absurdity here. But that absurdity is present throughout the mentality and even the media started using the word bizarre for some of the behavior we now see in our country. Soon it’ll be an abomination. But first we need to ignore or get rid of all the products that exceed the required quality. In fact, quality is almost the last criterion in choosing services. Which is why our cuntry is frequently named Šalabajzerland. You can go through the entire day dealing with people who do their work sloppily or don’t know what they’re doing at all. Most of it is done by halves, because well, people are either not qualified (because they don’t need to be to get the job) or simply have their minds somewhere else. Usually it’s got something to do with themselves. Remember, the egotism. Well, yeah, it’s a well known fact that you can’t expect too much from people in our cuntry on Fridays, because their minds are set on having fun over the weekend. In fact, that’s true for any other day as well. Way too often. Which indicates another thing. No one cares about professionalism here. If you’re good at something, and professional, leave this cuntry before it deestroys you. And it will. In your struggle to make it here, you will wear yourself out, catch diseases, ulcers and cancers, cronic fatigue etc. You’ll feel a hundred at 35, will have no personal life, because it will give way to work, and still you will have no future and no chance of life, while continuously fighting people putting spokes in your wheel. In an environment where professionalism has no place, unprofessional, immoral and corrupt ways are stepping stones of success and progresss. What will you say to yourself when you die on the job struggling to get a completely unimportant shot of some local idiot, foolishly chasing that one coverage that would give you a chance to break out of this cuntry? Worth it? Or a waste of life?


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