Ana Desetnica 2011

Ljubljana’s annual street theatre festival Ana Desetnica ran from 30th June to 3rd July and I have to say I really enjoyed covering it. Amazing performers from Slovenia and abroad, great atmosphere, beautiful locations. I wasn’t alone, though. It would be too much. I was Bojan Okorn’s wingman so to speak. (He’s been covering the festival for years.) You can see slideshows of every day, both his photos and mine, on his blog at So I’ll only show some of my favorites here. And let the photos do the talking.

Unsuccessfully scaring away kids is a good start of a performance.
Well, he did say he would fly...



Don't worry. If he falls, it'll be a soft landing.


Oh, yeah run. Someone called the fashion police.


One of my favorites. Bimbo Teater. The chubby little fanatically-smiling Grim Reaper is hilarious. Well, they both are. Great stuff.


Oh, well, that's one way to fight hemorhoids.


One word: refund.



It's never been so much fun seeing your kid being eaten by a dinosaur!



That's one way of handling a problem child, yes.



No comment. Imagine. 🙂




Oh, just an evening by the camp fire... 🙂



A very warm working environment.



Symbolic on sooo many levels...





Reminds me of my first bicycle riding lessons. 🙂


Pick any of the news headlines from Slovenian dailies and just imagine it's their reaction to it.


For more info on this festival and other similar ones go to Ana Monro website.

For more photos go to Ana Desetnica 2011 Flickr.


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