The Lyra Story | Blšany, Czech Republic | 3. – 5. June 2011

I’m almost a year into this story and it’s a joy to work on it. Sure, it’s a story about a dog, which in itself is enjoyable, but it’s also a challenge. Lyra is a bit special, somewhat a celebrity and an important figure in dogfrisbee. I’m sure many are uninterested in this topic, especially in Slovenia, but  to many, dogfrisbee is life. Including Lyra, her friends and roommates Oli and Bamm Bamm, and her handler Jean McCollister. And that’s the life I need to show. Basically, as if making a story about a person, except that it is a dog. 🙂 Last weekend we went to Czech Republic to compete at the Fun Factory For Frisbee in Blšany. A great insight in how they travel long distances in a car, how they go through the day, the competition, how they handle heat, how they play, swim, sleep … All their quarrels and obsession with frisbee and water and fear of thunder etc. It’s like I had a dog for a weekend. At least one. Lyra’s just a friend keeping her distance, a star that deserves her space, I get it. She’s hypersensitive to movement. On our way back, she was chasing cars coming in the opposite direction. And she’s ultrasmart. The first thing I needed to do when I started this story was get used to interracting with a dog as if it were a small child. So, yes, she’s an intellectual, cuddles when she feels like it, otherwise, she needs her space and retreats. Oli’s all over the place, but when she loves me, she’s all over me, so she’s hard to handle. But Bamm Bamm, the only boy in the group, and unfortunetly the “underdog” is calm, kind, and loves to be around people. The other two are making sure he knows they own the house. Poor guy. But his character is perfect for a therapy dog which he aspires to be. 🙂 It’s fun using “human” verbs with animals. 😀 Personally, beside the imagery that I got, I found out how much better I sleep if there’s a dog sleeping in my bed.  That hasn’t happened in … seven years. And how much easier I wake up, if a dog wakes me. I guess it’s because it took me back. And we all know why things seven years ago were so much better. 🙂 Well, that and a lot more. Anyway, it was a perfect weekend. And the story isn’t finished yet.

Bamm Bamm waking me up in the morning. (Photo: Jean McCollister)

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