Flyfishing Camp for Young Fishermen

On the fringe of our youth culture there’s fishing. Young fishermen join angling clubs all over Slovenia and once a year they have a flyfishing camp and a general fishing camp. Attendance is dropping, mostly due to disinterest of grown-ups or institutions of helping out financially or even some other reason that helps them fail at trying to steer the kids away from the normal drunk lifestyle of today’s Slovenians. But a few people still try to bring as many young fishermen to these camps.

Fishermen listen to a lecture on entomology.

This year, the camp was hosted by a small town of Ljubno. The people working with young fishermen took this oportunity to organise the first ever national flyfishing championships for young fishermen under 18 years of age. The results will – for the first time in history of our nation – determine our young team for the World Flyfishing Championships for Young Fishermen in Italy.

In a home where they are staying, fishermen set up gear for the flyfishing competition.

It’s nice to see them be interested in something other than drinking and partying. Refreshing. And something worth covering.

Mentors discuss their young fishermen's tactics.
Organizers of the camp gather the fishermen for the competition.
Fishermen wait for the competition that's been delayed due to a storm.
A fisherman checks his reel before the competition.

Fishermen walk to the river Savinja where the competition will take place.

Mentors observe their competitors.
After the competition, head of the camp calculates results in his room.
Early competitors wait for the results.
Luka Jezovšek becomes the first ever national flyfishing champion in the category under 18 years of age.
Evenings are reserved for tying artificial flies.


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