Breeding Drunkards

The other day I watched a parent drag his kid home from the store. Yes, drag, because the kid couldn’t keep up. He tried hard to eat his ice cream while being constantly jerked forward, stumbling, chocolate flying all over the place. I guess his dad didn’t have time… But the media will. He’ll sit him down in front of the TV set or a computer and just let the machine do the work. But in a country without reasonable and moral regulations, the media is a propaganda tool for primtivism that breeds new sheep herded by moneymaking, yacht-buying and expensive-holiday-taking scum, who love to feast on the feeblemindedness of their viewers. Children are a perfect target.

As a form of immoral marketing, speaking directly to children in commercials is common practice here. But we’ve gone further in stupidity: nowhere else have I seen producers of commercials as dumb and as degenerated as to speak directly to babies. That’s how far they go in adressing children – they don’t even have a resanoble age limit. And a very high portion of the commercials boosts the consumption of alcohol. Then, in the news, they ask themselves for the umpteenth time why so many casualties of road accidents, why so many maniacs and drunkards on the road. You’d have to be blind not to see why. But they are blind. And stupid. Remember: behavior in traffic is a mirror of the nation’s mentality. 😉 As for alcohol, well, the society and the permissive country (as in institutions, government, legislature etc.) are breeding new drunkards each day. Families with small children now socialize in shooping malls where they shop till they drop, and at night, they can attend a party where selling alcohol is primary objective. Small children have their birthday parties in a shopping mall. Parents not attending. But the kids get served bottles of non-alcoholic champagne. I guess to get used to the taste and the bottle. Because in a few years with constant mindfucking from the media and strong unregulated alcohol marketing, they’ll switch to the real thing. By the time they’re twenty, they’ll get drunk every Friday, maybe smash some foreign property for kicks, and will be someone else’s problem (usually the security) while their parents will sleep peacefully at home. Then one day, when they’ll have a car, and will love to behave like in the movies (primitive nation tends to copy the hotshots from the screen, whether in thinking and behaving in social life or on the road), they’ll become everyone’s problem. They’ll still attend parties, drink their asses off, and everybody will offer them more and nobody will say how wrong it is. The cops will leave them alone. Won’t even come close to a club at two o’clock in the morning when drunk drivers leave for their potential killing spree. No, the country allows it. So let it rip, right? Then one day, this hyperego man, invincible from excessive drinking, kills three people on the road because he drove like he was Vin Diesel. And the previously ignorant institutions mark it as a tragedy. “Why? How? What is wrong with our youth?” they cry. In a country of infantile thinking that doesn’t reason beforehand, that’s quite normal. Like gulping down scoops of ice cream, because it’s soooo good, and then complaining of the headache. Examples abound. Letting tycoons accumulate all the money, then complain about the country gone broke. Having holes in legislature and then complaining about all the crimes. The lack of police control on the roads and complaining about speeding.

When the high school cotillon dance takes place on the streets of our country, this encouraging of drinking alcohol as intrinsic of our society shows clearly in pubs setting up extra bars outside and printing large letter offers, but that’s normal. What’s not and shows clearly their intention is the fact that their offer contains no non-alcoholoc drinks. Furthermore, this year, students received complimentary T-shirts with a sign that reads: When I drink, I drink. Nevermind that they graduated and are supposed to be educated and therefore a smart phrase would suit them better. The police walk the streets, watch the kids stumble around with bottles of vodka, beer, whiskey etc. They wish them a good time. (Don’t even say anything against excessive drinking.) But that’s how it’s done if you want a boozed up nation.

So I guess it’s no surprise that smart and healthy forms of youth activities are experiencing a decline in membership. Fishing clubs for example have been dealing with it for a long time. More now than ever. But they keep going. I’ve been covering various youth fishing camps and competitions for years now, trying to fool myself the future is less intoxicated and therefore holds less consequences for innocent people. I guess that can come close to believing in afterlife.

For a story on the recent flyfishing camp for young fishermen see next post…


2 thoughts on “Breeding Drunkards

  1. haha še ena dobra in resnična – pa to jemlji za kompliment na kvadrat, če prihaja od “ljubitelja dobre kapljice” in zagovornika hedonističnega špartanstva :D…

    Ja, odlično si se spet lotil problematik(e), ki so (spet, čudno…) povezane oz. vlečejo korenine iz monetarnega sistema. In bi se jih dalo preprosto odpraviti z odstranitvijo le-tega. Lahko se še tolk upiraš, ne moreš skriti, da si v resnici “naš” in da se boš prej ali slej priključil kakšni skupini zagovornikov tehnokracije / TVP / TZM / EOS… 😀 Pa bomo organizirali en tak RBE party, na katerem ti bomo dopovedali, da se človek lahko naseka tud z zelenim čajem 🙂 (če pretirava oz se zadev loteva “po kmečk” in brez občutka), in obratno, da lahko konzumira 75% rum in je cel večer pri sebi in je kljub temu civiliziran, da gre domov peš (če to počne z mero, občutkom, užitkom ,ter uporablja glavo namesto jajc).

    1. Ja, vse je povezano z denarjem, ja. V teh primerih pa res. Tudi jaz sem mnenja, da bi se marsikaj rešilo z odpravo monetarnega sistema, a mislim, da bi se potem pokazala prava narava ljudi. Zdaj je denar velikokrat izgovor, da na nek način delujejo, potem pa ne bo več.

      Saj me ne bo treba kaj preveč prepričevati, ker sem istega mnenja, samo ko takole kritiziram ta način, izpade kot da sem prohibicionist. Sploh ne. Saj tudi drugje pijejo, pa tudi v moji družbi pijejo, ampak z nekim razumom in brez namena, da so mrtvo pijani, ker je to zabavno. Precej bolj oster pa bom vedno do družbe in države, ki PIJANČEVANJE (tisto “dons bomo pa na glavo”, “dejmo se ga nafukat” pijančevanje) podpira in ga spodbuja – tu pa ni izgovora ali opravičila. Še posebej, ko novačijo mladino v kulturo pijančevanja, ki je – za tiste hinavce, ki vsak teden naredijo tv prispevek “kaj je narobe z mladino, da se po cestah pobija” – kriva za dobršen del “tragedij” v naši družbi.

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