Into The Groove

There’s like a ton of lights up on the ceiling of our club where I cover parties and concerts. And I like A LOT of spectacular light at a concert, but in three years so far, only Črt Birsa fascinated me. Now, I got a present from our resident DJ who “played around with lights a bit”. That was some of the best concert photographing time I ever had. Disco Planet Kranj hosted Into The Grove tribute band to Madonna. And although people here don’t go to our club’s concerts where lyrics with more than ten words might interfere with their excessive drinking and the place was half empty, it was a halluva show.

Unfortunately, Madonna’s music has too much lyrics for the new-age party-goer. And that involves thinking. Even if you’re just there to get totally wasted, which is what most people want when there’s some mass party going on, the music is loud and it forces your brain to think about what it’s listening. I guess it’s annoying them. It’s like you’re having a chain drinking contest and someone’s passionately explaining the reproductive cycle of mosquitoes to you.

There’s no baby talk in Madonna’s lyrics either, so … And her music is not electronic. Her voice is not robotic. She’s not wearing meat. And most of all – which is the case in my town at least – it’s not Balkan music. But to be honest, this Italian imitator of Madonna sang her songs better than the real Madonna. Oh, yes, believe me, on her Sticky and Sweet tour, Madonna had a pretty hard time to dance and all and still catch enough breath to sing properly. I can’t blame her. I’d struggle to recite a children’s song after climbing two flights of stairs. 😀

I find this quite funny. I photographed the real Madonna from a distance of about hundred meters with a 300mm with a extender. I photographed her tribute band with a 16mm wide angle lens at less than a meter.

I drove for four hours to get to Madonna’s concert in Vienna. I drove three minutes to the club this time. Actually, I was there for the “festivities”. Yes, apparently, people like shopping at midnight. 😀 And by midnight I was dead tired. Nina Pušlar did a great concert before the after party with Into The Groove Band after midnight.

And to make matters worse, I had to work the entire night, go to sleep at seven in the morning for two hours and leave for another day’s work. This time, fortunately, outside in the sunshine, covering the first competition of the National Flyfishing Championships.

The competition the next day was something to be afraid of. It’s in Jesenice every year and that’s higher towards the Alps and every year, regardless of the weather elsewhere in the country, the weather is really crappy. Cold, rainy, snowy, you name it. Everybody still remembers eight years ago, when fishing lines froze and ice accumulated everywhere – even on people’s mustache. This sunday, it was beautiful.

Another great news is that it’s April and a couple of exhibitions are coming up. First, the sports exhibition (together with Nina), then Saving The Marble Trout exhibition. Both will be a lot of fun. (If I can fund it.)


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