Sleepy Saturday

It’s been ages since I last took pictures of animals. Well, it depends how you look at it. I see many of the primates on weekends. So here’s a bit of wildlife.

After a helluva week, a time of grasping the achievement (still can’t believe the three prizes), and quite a lot of work, Saturday was time to rest. I went to Zagreb with my friend. Yes, only two kinds of people would go to Croatia on a day when nationwide protests are announced: crazy photojournalists and phlegmatics. I’m not sure about the latter any more, because we did spend the entire trip criticizing the idiots in our country and the laws.

Screw you, I'm not posing for you. Not until I get a bigger compound!

You know Slovenia is the only country in Europe trying to pass a law that would require all members of the parliament to get tested for drugs. Yap. That tells you two things about our small primitive piece of Europe. First, our politicians are acting so completely stupid that we honestly suspect they’re on drugs. Second, this country is so open to crime, so out of control in revelry, lawlessness and pleasure seeking (which involves drugs as well) that the same national characteristics are presumed for the government as well. So, basically, the country’s so fucked up that not even the political top is exempt. Awesome. But logical. During our conversation, I learned you can’t work as security if you have a criminal record. But you CAN be a member of the parliament!!

And can we still call it a parliament? It’s more like kindergarten. Elementary school at best. You have the teacher trying to break up a fight between two immature kids throwing names at each other, ready to get physical. One politician childishly threatens another and they have to be reseated farther apart to ensure peace in the parliament. WTF?!? That IS something out of an elementary school classroom.

And the illegal firearms trade farce! Come on! Throw the guy in jail already (funny how that has become the next stop from parliament) and get it over with, start dealing with the country! Fucking adolescents on a payroll!

And even the things they do try to fix in this country are flanked and crosschecked by the egotistical, greedy individuals, groups, lobbies, sectors, who don’t give a damn about the people, just themselves. Nothing in this country will ever change. We’re just too greedy, too corrupt, too twisted in the mind. Once in a while a smart politician comes along, goes nuts and quits after dealing with the moronically childish idiots and self-centered posh obstructing their work, forcing them into corruption, injustice, procedural irregularities and fraud. It’s obviously a trade you must grasp before you become a member of the government.

We seemlessly crossed the border into Croatia, got to Zagreb, bought some books and continued to the zoo. Books in Croatia are half the price of books in Slovenia, again, because of the greedy bastards that live in our country and run it. The Zagreb Zoo is also half the price of Ljubljana’s zoo, and it’s bigger. I got in free. They thought a chimp escaped. They were happy to see me return.

The Maksimir Park was full of protesters. They protested against protests and enjoyed a warm sunny day. The zoo was full of protesters, too. Well, I don’t blame them. Some khaki pants Australian stole them from their den and trapped them in a cage next to a huge stadium full of crazy monkeys after a game, in a city where they are freezing their asses off most of the year. And on top of it all they want them to pose for the voayeurs? Hell no! They turned around, mooned the people, and slept through the day. Screw you and your cameras! We want better food, warmer climate, bigger compounds and regular cleaning! Until then, we’re sleeping!

We went to Kraš store to get some chocolate and cookies (half the price), and to a fishing store (same price). The fishing store was huge! I’ve never seen anything like it! I didn’t even know any store keeps so many models of reels, hooks, fishing rods etc. If I brought my dad in there, I could go on a concert at the nearby Maksimir Stadium and he’d probably still be browsing when I got back.

Well, yes, you can do that on a Saturday, too...

Saturday was very sleepy and slow going. In the evening when we got back home, I had to photograph Edo Maajka, so basically I never left Croatia. But the funny thing was that the club was almost empty, and rather than pouring in, people were leaving. Now, in a normal world that would mean that I’d be done quickly. In my world, it means that I’ll have to work twice as hard to make it look like the place was full. While people were probably at home sleeping. I was sleepy, too. Even the sound operator fell asleep on his mixing table.

But honestly, I could fall asleep on that warm sun right next to the two lions. It was a beautiful day that ended in a safety sms from my bank notifiying me of a subscription payment which bankrupted me, but somehow I didn’t care. I was too sleepy and looking forward to warmer days. I was about time.




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