Slovenia Press Photo 2011

Well, never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to not only win one prize, but three, at a competition like this. The Slovenia Press Photo festival is young but is extremely strong and important. With aamazing jury members from VII, AP, Time… To cut to the chase, thanks everybody for your support and congratulations to all the other winners! Since so many would like to see the photos that won in one place, I am posting them here.

Here it goes:

Slovenia Press Photo overall best story: The Long Nights, a story about the Istanbul fishermen trying to make a living on a small boat during the summer, when all the fish move up the Mediterranean, but they can’t follow them (because of the small boats). So they have to fish for those rare ones that are left.


First prize News stories: Student protests in Ljubljana. You know, the throwing of stones into the parliament and all. The protest that I believe wasn’t a protest at all because the kids didn’t even know what they were doing.


First prize single photo in Nature category: The Bora. Last year, a cyclone moved through Europe and caused The Bora, which is a strong gusty wind in the littoral parts of Slovenia, to gust even stronger. On avarage, somewhere around 180 to 190 km/h. And it was snowing, so this became a blizzard with snowdrifts etc. Three crazy guys went down there. 😀

Thanks again!


10 thoughts on “Slovenia Press Photo 2011

  1. 😀 Hvala vsem!
    Matjaž, 😀 , ne sodim jaz o pravici, pa tudi ostalih del, ki so prispela, nisem videl, tako da ne vem. 😀 Je pa definitivno bil že čas in tudi zato mi nepopisno veliko pomeni tole.

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