Cultural Limbo

Now that I’ve slowed down my photojournalism work, because of near bankruptcy (last year was intense, and still yielded no results in a job), I’m brushing up on my screenwriting. I’m not new to it, but I haven’t done it in a while. Now I equipped myself with the best books on screenwriting one can get and my first task in boosting creativity is character studies. Not only I have to think of characters and write them down, I also need to study their behavior, their motives, physical appearance. As a journalist I always did that, but now I have to write things down. And I also have to write down what was going on, change characters, change plots, create a whole new “movie” so to speak.

Speaking of characters, I noticed a tell tale sign that this society of pleasure and feeblemindedness is going down the drain. I might write the new American Beauty kind of screenplay, but this time dealing with a mass midlife crisis, not just one Kevin Spacey, but a nation-wide epidemic. I already spoke of an older man in pink T-shirt trying to stretch his rigid 50-something joints through pathetic attempts of dancing like the youth around him. Well, it turns out, like protests in Tunisia, he triggered a landslide trend.

Now, why would middle aged couples go to an erotic house party and look like two geeks trying to blend in by frigidly moving their hips a bit in what appeared to be an attempt at dancing? Of all the entertainment out there… Instead of staying at home, watching some Murder She Wrote, they go to a house party? Ok, I’m simplifying, but this was at two in the morning! My dad doesn’t even go to the cinema at 8 p.m., because it’s too late! My mom’s sowing logs by eleven p.m.!

Amazingly, there wasn’t just one such couple at the party the other night. They accounted for one third of the club! What the hell? Did all televisions ceased to broadcast? Or do they really consider half naked women and that choppy too-loud-to-hear-it music an entertainment. When media brainwashing affects people of that age, we’re definitely becoming some strange and primitive sci fi post-apocalyptic future society. But in a way I understand them coming to such erotic parties. I guess, they’re horny. And they’re married so this is the closest they can get to satisfaction, right? That sort of answers the part about busty women on stage, but I still don’t understand when did they forget the old rock and ballads, maybe folk music, and switched to something with two words for lyrics.

This third of the club consists of two types of people. Single wrinkled middle aged women fighting flies, which is how I like to call their dancing, throwing their arms all over the place. (Bytheway, there is one such woman who is a regular, but she knows how to dance, so I’m not counting her). Amazingly, they move so frantically that they stand out from the other crowd, which is probably the point. Let’s face it, they’re old and they’re single. They’re in a hurry. And they need to impress. Nothing else works for them much anymore. Unfortunately. Moving any calmer than that would be a waste of time.

Then you have the couples. A funny bunch. Two types of these species. One is that happily married for thirty years happy crappy swing dancing on house music in the midst of a large crowd, bumping into people, stepping on them, hitting them with their hands, but completely ignoring them. Sorry, guys, I know you’re self-centered, but we won’t form a circle and watch you dance, nor will we cheer and throw a spotlight on you, and then scream of joy when you’re over and scatter glitter from the ceiling. No, see, this is real life, but I guess it’s a common mistake.

The other type of couples are the marriage worn outs. It seems they have nothing left to talk about, so they come here and try to revive the life in them. they usually stand near the sides of the club. The husband is stiff, drowning his sorrow in drinks, looks like he was dragged in here with a gun to his head. His face is listless, staring towards the stage like hypnotized. He never looks left or right, just stares forward, lost in limbo.


An older man in company of his wife stares motionlessly at the stage, where a young busty woman smears cream all over her tits.

MAN (mesmerized)

I know what this is. I’ve seen one before. Many, many years ago… It belonged to a man I was in a half-remembered dream… A man possessed of some radical notions…

He watches without turning his head to his wife next to him. Takes a sip. Calm. Limbo is now his reality. Lost there for so long he became an old man. Filled with regret. Waiting to die alone.

Enough with Inception, because he’s not alone. His wife’s there and she’s not as catatonic, but she’s close. She’s forcing herself to move her hips to the chaotic sounds, but just barely. Basically, you must do a time lapse photography to realize she’s actually dancing. She’s trying to blend in, but is reserved like a geek at a school dance, with that lack of self-confidence showing in every undefined move. I can’t help thinking she’s the enthusiastic one, and the husband is her victim. She’s oblivious to his lack of interest, and it’s obvious who’s the instigator here. Screw solidarity, you’re coming with me on the dance floor, and I don’t care if you stand there like a statue.

That’s actually nothing surprising for an old couple, but the location … What’s going on in their heads… Does he have a Lamborghini parked downstairs? Does she drive home with 500 cc Yamaha motorcycle?  With such a big percentage of visitors of this age, I can’t help thinking what our media did to the nation. People should really learn to watch and read at a distance, critically. Instead, their feeble minds take all in, assimilate, adopt. And here we are, dumb and dumber. What’s next? A woman over hundred years old throwing a wild party, because that’s the way to do it? Oh, wait, that’s already happening! … Ahhh, the power of the media. If only their original power was as strong. You know, changing the world. Ending wars… The seventh branch of government and all… Instead, no one wants to read about smart stuff, issues and even war, while they keep crying about his and that, and sons dying in wars etc…


4 thoughts on “Cultural Limbo

  1. Now here you’ve got me. Finally something that I can not agree with or get the point, no matter how I try. In defence of all of us over 40 who still enjoy to attend a club / wild party and have fun:

    1. The PARTY is not exactly the place and time to get into deep intellectual debates or save the world. The party is time and place to have fun and relax, get one’s brains fogged a bit and do things you can not afford to do during the workdays.

    2. According to you, if I am not under 20, I’m supposed to only stick with the stupid music hits from the 70’s or only listen to the Beatles or classic music? Of course, only in the privacy of my home? Listening and enjoying the latest rap or house/techno music, dance/technopop and similar is out of the question for a serious, middle-aged gentleman? Not to mention any attempt to DANCE at the music in public?

    Why? Because of what *others might think and say*? LOL!

    FUCK the Others! FUCK them idiots, who give priority to their bloody *public image* when they attend a party! Fuck them (young or old) who join a party and then spend most of the time looking what *other people* do + slander and gossip! “Look at that old fart, he dances so funny” (so join us and show us the right way to do it, young lady, when I was your age I certainly could do it better than you ever will!)

    No offence my friend, but it seems to me, that your attitude in this case has deep roots in your inability to relax and enjoy life. Look at the mirror and ask yourself: did you ever attended a wild party, got drunk, smoked so much weed that you had impression that you’re actually flying, danced all night with only short breaks for taking a sip of anything, jumped the swimming pool in your clothes, or even had sex in public with a drunk girl you do not even know ? And ENJOYING every second of it?

    If you did not – then I’m afraid you’re not the right person to criticize people who did (or who still do, refusing to give in to the widespread prejudices about age and their public image etc.), because obviously they know more about that than you do.

    It is true that, being the slave of the System, today I do not have so much time to have fun as I’d like to – but that doesn’t mean that I should leave the good life behind me and lock myself up in a monastery.

    I understand that people are different, some were born for monastery – and I respect the difference. But I do not like, when they start telling me that I should become like them or I’ll go to hell after I die.

    Sorry nothing personal and no offence intended. This was meant more as a reaction or a sort of self-defence.

    1. You missed the point. There’s a lot of people over fourty there every time, but they’re the “usual” kind. The ones that know why they are there and have fun and party. This wasn’t it. You’re smart, you know when somebody is at a party simply because they want to fit in, because you see them behave like that. You also see people that get the trends and fashion and shit all wrong. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have fun. I’m just saying sometimes it’s obvious that they are not there because they want to party. Because I haven’t seen any of those couples even smiling, let alone laughing like I saw so many older companies before. So yes, these were different. And these one’s were there for some other reason. Not for genuine fun, letting go, being themselves. (Except for the couple that danced in the middle of the crowd, knocking people around)
      You think I really don’t distinguish people who know how to have fun and are attending parties (at any age) from those who force themselves to be there? Believe me, they stand out. Big time. And THAT gets me thinking. What made them come if it’s not “their thing”? THAT’s what this post is about.

      And for the umpteenth time, I don’t care how much they party as long as they have the brain to work and do their jobs on a working day, without having their head in the gutter or a club and screwing things up. But they have! And I don’t care if they “fly” or whatever as long as they’re responsible and act that way, because in case you haven’t notice, alcohol – yes the main ingredient of parties – is the number one cause of accidents. So until that fixes itself up, and these people get their shit together on every other day than the party night, I’ll be criticizing this party society with everything I have. You don’t see what I see here. The photos of “culture” a few posts back were made on two regular walks and one or two jobs in a club. And that’s the least to show! You don’t see (like I do) these braindeads crawling into a car, burn tires in the garage of the shopping mall, then race out onto a street, where there are no cops waiting for them. And the next morning everybody is sooo fucking surprised when four young lives are lost in a car accident. Well, fuck THAT! Fuck this hypocrisy! The ignorant capitalists who made parties to be nothing but getting very wasted, stoned or whatever. Damn, you really don’t see how everything is aimed at selling as much alcohol as possible to people at these parties. And they’re dropping like flies, unconscious, dead drunk and people are still selling them drinks, stand and watch from afar at how they fall. Their friends suddenly get worried (oh, my, a bit of brain started working again), and for the next couple of days, if anything is more seriously wrong they take it seriously, and then very soon, they take it as another joke. Great, let’s do it again! If you can’t have a party without the shit to alter your brain, there’s something very wrong with you. And don’t be mistaken, it’s THIS EXACT attitude of lack of responsibility that’s become soooo popular in our society. It’s this exact mentality that allows young drunkards to smash every car on their way home from a club! Why? Because they’re having fun! Well, fine, what if I want to have fun and kill one of them for smahing my car? Am I gonna get a pass for that? Oh, come on, why not, I was drunk, flying, having fun! Come on, police officer, loosen up, live a little, smash a car with me, would ya?

      Consequences far outweigh the fun in all these examples. So no, nobody will convince me of any positive argument of such wild parties.

      When it comes to older population in clubs. I say good for them. I’ve seen plenty. (See, you’re underestimating my “research” on the matter). This was something completely different. And everyone could see it. I’m asking myself, why would someone go to such a party and try to fit in, if they don’t really want to? Because that’s popular?

      There, you made me say it. This was meant to be a comic post, that’s why it was written that way. But you know what I really have to say to people:
      Get your shit together and start being responsible instead of moaning over the consequences after you’ve killed someone on the road or broke up with a girl, because you made out with someone else, or burnt down the house, or smashed over twenty cars or throw a bottle into someone’s head etc. Who’s the damn immature child here?
      I’m wise. What are you?
      I enjoy life, but unlike the majority I know life is not in the bottle, nor at a club smelling of vomit and farts. Life is not shrugging off responsibility on the account of harming someone else’s lives potentially. Life is not behaving like a damn monkey (an insult to monkeys, sorry) and counting the damage the next day. Life is somewhere else. In nature, frsh air, “beautiful day”, and for example, a lot of life is with your loved one, but these idiots tend to throw that away when they so crave for irresponsibility, and I see at least one couple breaking up just because of alcohol abuse every time I cover a party. What a life, ha? Do you remeber it? How was it? What did you do? Did you have fun? And no, if you have a huge hangover, that’s not exactly enough to measure how much fun you had. Oh, what, you can’t remember? What a shame.

      No offence. I’ve seen so much that there is NO argument I would accept. And I’ve analyzed social behavior so much that – believe me – I know what I’m talking about, everytime I write something like this.

      But like I said, this was supposed to be a positive, funny post. Something everyone wants me to do, but not really. 😉 😀

  2. Well I must admit you made your point here… and also must admit that I haven’t done any similar “researches” myself yet (as I said, when I attend a party, I *party* and do not care much about what others do) but yes, I’ve noticed the “serious” types and couples you excellently had described occasionally. I always thought them freshly bankrupted businessmen or fresh employees, attending in order to please their boss or meet “important” people etc. I never gave them a second thought.

    As for the “alcohol” problem I absolutely agree – but I think you’re targeting the wrong culprit in this case. Most of the people I know and party with are,, like me, heavy drinkers / various lifting stuff consumers (at parties only), yet serious enough to ride a taxi, at least on their way back home.

    The aberrant mules you describe, well they are young people with problems – reacting to the pressures of the society. I think we had that debate once before, so I won’t fall into a trap of repeating myself.

    In general, I do not see the alcos or the parties as the problems. They are just excuses / initial conditions, that the frustrations with the monetary system and the systematic religious & political brainwashing reach the surface. If you stopped them from getting stoned at a party, they’d start buying shotguns and stuff and shooting people for fun.
    I might be wrong, of course.

    1. If you stopped them from getting stoned and wasted, they would finally stand up against the system. The Romans knew very well what they were doing. Bread an circuses. And if you have alcohol to go with circuses, you don’t even need bred that badly anymore.
      And that’s how people shut up, as long as they can drink themselves into oblivion. That IS one side of the story.
      BUT, I haven’t seen three desperate people drinking in all these years. In the club, the young people are dressed like they just walked out of some fashion store. Earings, bracelets, neclesses, big shiny watches… People drinking, because it’s fun, not because it would make them forget anything. 99% of them are of this kind. So I’m not buying the I-drink-because-I’m-depressed-in trouble-stressed out-or-whatever theory. In all the years, everybody drank, because they believed it is fun to drink. And to race around in the garage. And to race on lokal roads. And to smash foreign property on the way home.
      Young people with problems? Yes, problems in their head, because they actuallly think drinking is the normal way to party.

      Unfortunately, I notice stuff. I wish I didn’t. Because through the years, I started seeing all these parties, or better yet drinking parties (parties themselves are cool) for what they really are and what they really represent and show.

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