Emzin 2011

I can just see those precious old friends smiling at this title and going: “Oh, I gotta read this!” But remember what I once said: It’s not my rants that should worry or distrub, or annoy anyone. It’s my silence that’ll one day be stronger than anything I ever said before. Thought you’d never see the day, ha? Here it is. Don’t go slashing your wrists, trashing your cameras or quitting your jobs yet. I’m not in the know about the end of the world. I’m silent, because I simply don’t give a flying f**k anymore. I think we all share an opinion about the exhibition, we could talk for hours, but I think it’s a waste of words. You know what, save money on the upcoming Valentine’s day and rather than buying things use the words to talk to your darlings on Monday. But, you know – just a suggestion – don’t use the exact words! (Friendly warning). 😉

I wanted to share with you my three submitted stories. That’s all. You’re smart. 😉

First off, the one that didn’t even make the cut. Srebrenica.


Second: Istanbul fishermen. An international hit, so to speak. 😉 (No, I won’t say more…)


And finally, The Bora. A very short story from last year’s “windy” (to say the least) event in Ajdovščina and around… You’ll notice that it’s a different style. That’s because it was thereabout some time when I switched to my own style that you can see in other stories. The one that looks familiar, ha? It caught on, you know… 😉

So, do I have to please the crowd (of about 20) with an opinion about the exhibition? Honestly? It’s good. Moreover, there’s no photos of masked exhibitionists terrorizing forest animals this year.

The winners? … Oh, I thought that was some other exhibition, I’m sorry… 😉

Lots of insinuation, but I know I have a smart audence. That’s why it’s so small. 😉


8 thoughts on “Emzin 2011

  1. Sreber…what? Some old, crazy mommas crying on cemeteries? What was that, some civil war in Turkey?

    Come on, who wants to look at depressive stuff like that ? You are crazy if you really believe that the fact that the photos are technically and artifically *excellent* could make up for making your audience more depressive and bored than they already are!

    Man, you obviously came either too late at the scene, or too early ! If you came earlier (and perhaps even used some modern, decent colour technology – the latest cameras can do that, shoot in colour), you could show people some interesting stuff: bombings, killings, agony, and rapes as they happen. Parts of human bodies flying or laying around the burning villages. Naked little girls running while paramilitaries are shooting at them for fun.
    That’s what audience wants to see: action, sweat, blood, sperm and young, naked bodies. And if you come later, when the war was forgotten, you could do a photo-service on the latest Kurd (Turkish? Bosnian? Serbian?) pop-folk singer, who recently increased the volume of her boobies and is about to marry that famous football hero Hasanbegović, the national pride of Slovenia.

    But no, you had to do it all wrong. Yo had to come in the wrong moment and work on a a wrong story. You had to be Dax.

    As for the other two – Istanbul? Yeah, I’m considering it as well, it would be fine to go there and stay in a luxury hotel at the seaside, FAR from Istanbul, for three weeks – on a beach, isolated from the local people (all of them dirty, smelly little thieves, beggars etc., you know…).

    But noooo, again – halo, what were you shooting instead ? Some stupid fishermen ? And again in BW ??? Come on, man you obviously have no professional experience whatsoever, look at the photos in the nearest travel agency shop windows and learn!

    And the Bora ? Um, nice and …masochistic, I dare say. Respect. I hope you learnt something from the experience and next time you’ll go shoot Bora-Bora instead.

    In general, I’m wondering how you have managed to survive so long on your keyboard and camera alone in a mundane, high fashion and globalized contry like our Slovenia – being so naive, monetary blind, and distanced from your target audience?

    Showing people the Truth? Come on, where’s the Profit in that ? Grow up.

    1. That’s the most sarcastic comment ever! 😀
      But all you’ve said about people not interested in this… Take a look at the exhibition, you’ll see what they’re interested in if they want to. Rest asure, people they chose in their minds can show one or two photos of downright nothing or even crap and they will get loads of praise, not to mention views. It’s not the topic, Daniel. I’ve learned that by now. From people that a lot of slo photographers sort of worship. So, I don’t give a damn. It’s a private party, however you look at it, and I let them have it. 😉
      Haven’t you noticed yet, that all it is is friends stroking each others egos? I’m sure, there are many far better stories on these exhibitions, but they’re from people that aren’t in their social circle. It’s not about quality anymore. People don’t know how to be objective. They can’t resist their own pull. And yes, it’s some act of selfishness as well. And as you know, everything derives from selfishness.

    1. Moje mnenje o pozitivizmu imaš sicer spodaj in to bo tudi tema mojega naslednjega posta, če pa želiš pozitivnih postov in fotk itd., jih imaš pa na tem blogu polno, samo opazit jih je treba. Eden takšnih primerov je tudi dva posta nazaj tisti o kulturnem prazniku v Kranju. Ampak tega ni pa nihče opazil. 😉

  2. What the hell?! I deliberately didn’t say anything negative, because I really do not give a damn, and amazingly I still get advice to be more positive. 🙂 In photography?
    I think there’s too much positivism in this country that’s literally falling apart while people are enjoying themselves. People shooting fashion and women and that’s it. Everything is fine and dandy. Well, it’s not. And while fashion serves nothing but pleasure (and capitalism if it’s for a brand), social commentary adresses pressing issues and brings them into public mindframe. Whether they change anything or not is not an issue here. The small, tiny changes in people’s minds (those who see these images) are important.
    That doesn’t mean I’m not doing positive stories. I have done plenty of them, it’s just that you notice only the negative. I hate to break your bubble, but the world is not just fun and games which is what our country and our media are trying to convince you.
    I do more for myself and for the world around me by pointing out the negative sides of our world than any fashion or landscape photographer ever did. Sorry, I can’t possibly imagine how a single person’s take on the world, his morals, beliefs and values change after watching endless images of beautiful women.
    I do these stories to equalize the stupid culture of pleasure I’m exposed to on a weekly basis in a country that should long ago have risen the way Egyptians did, but it won’t because as long as people have enough alcohol and parties, they’ll be docile. Yes, the “positive” photos I do are party photos and moreover, party photos of only beautiful people (whatever that means). So if you want to see the recent “positive” (that creates negative at the same time, when all the happy crappy drunk people go on the roads and kill some people), this is not the site for you. But let me remind you also of other posts on this blog: Egypt (travel imagery), Jordan, sunsets and I think I have Medieval events and The Žiče Carthusian Monastery as well. I don’t think that’s negative.

    So no, I won’t “move on” when moving on means dumbing my photography down to masked exhibitionists. I won’t go into some happy crappy art or fashion, because with all due respect to both fields of photography, for a photojournalist it means reducing meaning and information, as well as intent. It’s the same as if you asked 24ur to stop with all the news and juts run half an hour of Pop In.

    Think about it.

  3. What I wanted to say in my first comment (just in case I was misunderstood): you’re on the right path, you’re doing the right thing, never give up, it is nothing wrong with you, it is your surrounding that sux big. Don’t let them bloody averages kill your originality and force you to drop down to their level of registering the reality!
    The f***ing medieval bunch of nazi-peasants on the Balcan side of the Alps perhaps doesn’t need people like you but the rest of the Humanity *do* ! The pro journalism isn’t dead, it is only temporarily disabled.

    And do not worry about the Numbers. Audience will increase sooner or later and if you keep on, it will not be in vain. It is like the tide – sometimes it looks like it is even loosing ground – but slowly but surely, the tide rises.

    Great imaging, really!

    Also, my apologies for numerous typos in the first comment, I wrote it half-asleep, straight out of bed with a large bowl of hot coffee under my nose – and clicked the send button without doing any proof-checking.



    1. Thanks, Daniel!
      Unfortunately, I don’t know if one can fight an entire nation of feebleminded, pop culture brainwashed, primitive and pleasure-hooked nation.
      Maybe eventually, I will have to grow some wool and become a sheep myself, live happily ever after in my tiny disheveled back garden of Europe (front garden of Balkans), and die without ever putting any real point to why I’m here. If you can’t beat them, join them, right?

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