What Culture?!

These few days, we were paying respect to culture. ………… aha …………… hm ………….. y–eah ………… one thing, though……. What culture? …. Oh, you mean the subculture! The minority that still reads and listens to music, goes to the theatre and cinema (cinema as in NOT Sex And The City). The minority that behaves strangely kind, calm, smart and educated, without idiotic laughs at what that braindead blonde did when she was braindead drunk, and can actually talk about something smarter than cellphones, Lady Gaga (gugu, gege, and other baby talk), the ugly glowing pale vampire and the hunky bodybuilder babyface warewolf, Big Brother stupidities, and of course – parties! Yeah, I know, that small part of the nation that had the opportunity to be well educated, as opposed to present day education system that’s more of a beaurocracy than teaching for teachers, and more of a party and lawlessness than education for kids. The minority that usually feels revolt at the beastial juvenile drinking, and beastial drinking of all others for that matter. Instead of making it their life! The minority that condemns instead of encourages a drunkard who can hardly walk getting behind the wheel and drive off, since there is never a police car nowhere near to stop the attempted murder. (Because police DON’T know about this happening around clubs at about two a.m.) The minority that doesn’t listen to the same choppy bass-laden beat for three hours straight, because their brain wouldn’t have the capacity to run more complex operations. The same strange people in this country, who consider fun as something not consisting entirely of alcohol and not having an aim in being carried home to call God on the big white telephone. What a strange and elusive species they are. Not wearing a mini skirt or cleavage down to the navel IN WINTER, no high heels for a week of consequential muscle pain and good footing when drunk. No cheap whore look. No greasy cemented hair style hot shots in leather either. No tight shirts to thin coat the boobs and nipples for all to see. That goes for men, too. Bloody strange. There must be something wrong with them, right? And we have a holiday for these people? They go listen to recitals instead of cruising around for some pot while blasting house music loud enough to tremble the rear view mirors? Where’s the fun in that? You can’t get wasted at a recital!

Yes, I am exaggerating for the sake of showing the mental processes going on in basically a very big portion of this nation. And elsewhere in the western world as well. It’s a byproduct of capitalism as long as alcohol is big business and creates even more business when people are under its influence. Some of us are more susceptible to small indices of weakening or skewed mentality than others who are generally blinded by Bread and Circuses tactics of shopping malls, media, politics… It’s not just heavy drinking. It’s egotism, greed, selfishness mostly, and relativism that seem to be taking control of a lot of our understanding of the world around us. The other night I had to photograph a high cultural event of the majority and a drunk guy wearing all jeans and no muscles, and a tooth missing, tells me the girls on stage are dancing like crap. Embarrasing, he says.  Yeah, because, according to him,  if he went up there, he’d blow the place away. You know why? Because he’s a top European gogo dancer. (European? … Yeah, on Europa – as in Jupiter’s moon – I believe you would be!) Well, five years ago, I’d dismiss that immediately, but you never know how low the majority can go today. Hey, for all I know, Western Europe might have lowered their standards on the account of people getting even more drunk than here! When they’re dead drunk, they can’t see him anyway! Guys probably hit on him thinking it’s a woman on stage! Nevertheless, it’s like I went around saying I’m one of the best European athletes. Probably in running…. Hurdles and stuff. 😀 Or maybe a speed ice skater on Europa. (FYI: Its surface is covered in ice)

It’s this kind of self absorption that’s driving assholes on highways in the wrong direction, or driving the managers to snake their way through laws (with the help of a lot of likeminded close friends in the same field of crime), forget human rights etc. They’re all so high! Screw culture! I’ll do what I want. See, culture’s not just books and peoms and paintings and theatre. It’s how you behave and that, I’m afraid, is more learned in front of a TV set than school or society. Unless teachers of today allow kids to piss in public and spray shit all over town while on a school trip.

Well, that’s what happens with the feebleminded media consumers. And if you’re smart and own one of them, you’ll use it for your own benefit, feed them crap to dumb them down further, because dumb people are easier to guide and control. We’ve finally figured that out with polititians, now it’s time to see that our closest friends – the media – have the same agenda. For their benefits of course. But how, when they’re so appealing, so chatarsic, voayeristic, sensational…. Are you really so bored?

Each day I blog about shit I despise and once had the privilege to put into a screenplay, I’m in danger of being accused of steeling someone’s idea. 😉 Don’t underestimate selfishness. In our country, it’s very difficult to work on a joint project, because what you do will hardly ever be your credit. That’s what we’re like. After years of blogging about it, I’ve actually lived to see being accused of stealing my own point of view when I happened to join a project that had the same point of view. Nice, ha? But that’s what we became. I find it extremely strange… How far can we take it?

“You know, I can’t stand all the idiotic drunkards?”

“Yeah, they’re everywhere, it’s like drinking is their life!”

(Sharp look) “Hey, that’s my point of view. I think like that, so back off, stop stealing my opinion.”

Selfishness runs the world. From prices to everyday behavior for your own benefit or pleasure. From ignorance to arogance. From dumbing people down with stupid media to driving like an asshole – everything is for some self-centered jackass, who gets something out of it, whether it’s money or an ego boost.

So, take the media induced primitivism, the sheepish following of the trends and mindframes of TV shows, commercials etc., add self-centeredness and devotion to feebleminded “culture” (media, entertainment etc.), add behavior repetative of all this as consequence (drinking and behaving on the road included), substract education, the lack of parental guidence (because they work usually) and the prominence of media guidence … and you get a modern Western mentality. This was the starting point of an ongoing project of documenting signs of this mentality around me. For now, I decided to go without any faces. It’s the unseen that stimulates the mind. As you can see, it’s everywhere…

One Day In a Year

Just like UFO enthusiasts, bikers, environmentalists, cults and just about every variety of worshippers, people with a sense of culture gather for a day to pay tribute to a dying value. Culture. We celebrate it on the anniversary of the death of our most famous poet, France Prešeren, the author of our national anthem, which – how appropriate – is a toast. But yesterday was amazing. Kranj, where Prešeren worked as a lawyer, was packed with people. Choirs sang, chariots carried people on a round ride, the town celebrated Prešeren’s times. The poet himself and his beloved came to life. As well as many old citizens, dressed the way they were back then. A great day and a wonderful event!

However, singing started an evening before. All around the town. Not a big turnout and mostly old people, but today’s crowd made it all fair and square.

A shop window
In front of Prešeren's house
Main square
In front of the Prešeren's Theatre
Hostages (of the wind) listening to the choir in front of Prešeren's Theatre.

Yap, for those of you who don't know him - this is him, back from the grave.

Playing an old game, popular in Prešeren's times


In the front…

And in the back:

Four kids and a baby. Who says I can’t have fun?! I’m the most chidlishly enthusiastic person in the photo! (Photo by Matej Slabe)

Check out the girl on my right, going: “Wow, this guy’s really missing some screws… He must be mental.”

In many ways I am. 😉 Just so you know I’m not exactly a 24/7 grumpy guy, even if I love to rant about things that are just wrong. And nevermind I look ill. I figure I’m just tired, sleep deprived. But even if I am (and don’t know it yet), hey, you know, famous after death and stuff… 😀