If Mohammed Won’t Come to The Mountain, The Mountain Must Come to Mohammed

Over the decades and centuries, politicians have tailored their political systems, inluding the mythological “democracy” into a system that keeps opressed and exploited people at bay, while the upper classes – those of or connected to, in any way, to systems of government – prosper. It’s a popular belief that history repeats itself and yes, it’s a simple case of  “Bread and Circuses” tactics used by the Ancient Romans. But pride, ego and selfishness blind the leaders to see the other part of that history – of the fall of the Roman Empire. Because just like politicians know their “Bred and Circuses” saying, so do people know their “If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed” saying. Sooner or later, the pot boils over and we see turmoil the likes of Tunisia and Egypt. And amazingly, these are well tested and heavily repetative scenarios, but we all know politicians are mostly stupid, so they don’t learn. But they also chose to be arogant, because power allows it. Fortunately, they’re outnumbered.

Good luck to the people of Egypt. Keep at it! Don’t back off now.

Well, you're not sleeping peacefully now, are you? (Yes, this is Tahrir Square in Cairo)



3 thoughts on “If Mohammed Won’t Come to The Mountain, The Mountain Must Come to Mohammed

  1. likes and agrees.

    Glad to see we both have got a very similar opinion on politician in general.

    Would be great to see the remaining photographs in the series (don’t tell me you’d shot only this one while in Cairo cos I’m not buying it).

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