Working Toward a Future

To the contrary of what most people in the world think, NO, that’s not how things work. Why would you take crap from your country? Why would you work three jobs and be a “real American” (Bush quote) or work nothing or small labour and be screwed over continuously as a real Slovenian? Because that’s the way it is? Well, if you let it. The world is a real thickhead, but not because of some conservatism, ooooh, no. Money. Greed. And total degeneration of human values that we ourselves allowed to thrive. Back in the Middle Ages, peasants would rise, riot, behead the greedy lord and impale his rotten melon on a pole for everyone to see. Shit, we don’t do that anymore! We’re diplomatic. We sit at home bitching. We say a lot, don’t do shit. And once in a blue moon, we go out and do some protesting – sort of like a more agressive diplomacy? – and that’s it. It’s as if peasants, instead of gutting the asshole, sat outside his castle and made fun of all the knights guarding the gate. Like trying to throw off the royal guard in London, showing funny faces, mooning them, playing with the dead animals on their heads… Wow, the effect would have been enormous.

Sarajevo, 2003

You know what, those morally degenerated hypocrites in high positions of power have never changed. It’s like the higher you climb, the less oxygen goes to your brain and well, you see the result. It’s that mental decay that’s causing all the problems in the world. Governing a country, running a corporation etc.  are all correlative processes. The climbers must acclimatize to the atmosphere in high altitudes, otherwise they’re … well, dead. If three of five are bad, you’ll just have to conform if you want to stay there. Presuming you’re a good guy. And once this band of hypoxic arrogant decision makers reaches a summit…

Sarajevo, 2003

Everyhing is governed by the same political system and everything works from the top down. They claimed the summit and now they’re making the calls. They are the ones who eventually decide how and when the country  – or the world for that matter  – would make progress, change etc. They distribute funds. Usually to other managers and decision makers with altitude sickness who distribute it further to some more hypoxic climbers, until the last funding goes to those at base one who shout orders down to base camp for sherpas to obey for what little the guys on top can spare. We are the end of a chain. And we can hardly do anything people above us don’t like. And if it’s one thing they don’t like it’s less funding. This is why so many countries have regressed or stagnated since the eighties. This is why so many people in the world are poor. And it’s not even a waste! Poor people are great puppets. If you give them superficial education, teach them only to conform and obey, you got yourself an army. Sometimes litterally.

Brčko, 2010

In economy and consequently ecology things are governed by corporations, just like  in running a country as a whole. It’s something that is mirrored in all the governing systems throught every country in the world, as well as globally. In corporation conglomerates, big corporations, small corporations, firms, companies, small businesses… And also in administration, law, healthcare etc. Even branches of branches apply the same system of earning money, not really doing anything for the people. You can’t expect someone who cashes in on our need for fossil fuels to give up his tropical island vacations on a yacht with a helipad and a mini sub below deck! People are obviously not worth anything. When a journalist asked a manager if she (yes, SHE – devil’s always a woman, remember that 😀 ) feels any remorse for what she did to her workers (and it was truly appalling), she showed nothing, no facial expression, not even a gesture of even a doubt at the legitimacy of her actions, of the way she ran the company to accumulate money for her greedy self. These people are acclimatized, remember. Lack of oxygen is normal for them. But we have to put up with that. We are the ones that get stonewalled when we want to do something for ourselves and other people. Sure, do it, but not in any way that would threaten the prosperity of those on top. And that’s not possible, because they have all the money. Nothing’s free, they made sure it’s so. Where else to get the money than from their peasants, right?

Sarajevo, 2003

Many countries go from one absurd decision to another without a concrete reason. Oh, but there is a reason. There’s always a band of bandits behind the decisions and they know very well the backdoors, catches, deals, and all the ways they will get more money in, arrange new deals for their partners, and consequently themselves etc. It’s all about the money FOR THEM. It’s a common mentality nowadays.

Mostar, 2007

Tuzla, 2010

But this mentality is omnipresent. Try changing something for the good of a nation and you’ll get stonewalled as long as it would have financial consequences for the system you’re trying to change. If it means less money for the decision makers, they will nip the idea in the bud. Cutting the money flow from their subordinate peasants has the same effect. And this system of keeping down change for money to be accumulated on top despite everything below rotting away is something that causes the country to go under. Bosnians have a lot to say where all the financial help after the war went to. Definitely not to the people. The photos you see here don’t say enough, but as much as Bosnia has natural beauties, its cities and villages give a sense of abandonment. Like everybody left in the early nineties and never came back to pick up the economy. Bosnians know the wealthy did come, but haven’t picked up the economy. They picked up themselves. Privatized petrol companies for starters. Their currency is very week. And everybody dreams of entering EU. If they only knew what that would do to them…

Sarajevo, 2003

Srebrenica, 2010

In a system like this, people suffer on many levels. In jobs that drain them, but give them no social safety, nor a quality life. In the adminitrative mumbo jumbo of high priced applications and processes and assessments and conditions that are almost hollywood-like harming to them. In seeking justice for the specific acts of inhumanity or pure criminal activity of one of the acclimatized. Rest asure if you steal 200 euros as a common citizen, you’ll be thrown in jail. If you’re a manager, steal millions, destroy lives, make them suffer, humiliate them, treat them as dirt, well, then you get a paid leave and a vacation in Dubai. Try suing somebody for firing you. You need thousands of euros for the lawyers and court that will look into your case some two years from now. And I always thought that a company cannot fire an invalid, but I heard that happens easily in this country as well. Not only he was fired, but he was also denied a bank loan just enough to pay the bills. Yes, and when the corrupt elite from our government and companies ask for some astronomical loans, they get them even if they are known screw overs. But that’s not all. This invalid was told simply to pawn his house, where his five member family lives. So this is how it works. If you keep little people down, they won’t be able to make decisions.

Tuzla, 2010

Sarajevo, 2003

Unfortunately health is big business. And why? People need it. Not like TV’s and DVD players and the latest iPhone, but really need it. It’s even better if it’s a life and death situation, because it’s a business deal you can’t lose. Gambling with human lives is something healthcare is a master in. Unlike the US, where the greedy healthcare system charges big time for urgent and obligatory procedures, it’s all free here, but it has its cost – the queues. Basically, you can die waiting for a test. Oh, I know you’re tempted to think that in that case, the US system works better, because the population of the world rose so much that it’s impossible to handle it all. So if they too many get sick, we just have to accept some collateral damage. Not true. That’s not the reason. It’s AGAIN government politics, lack of support for healthcare, because it’s bloody expensive and human lives are appearantly not worth that much. Less doctors, more queues. However, doctors are plenty, they just don’t get a job. The underlying cause in both US and Slovenian cases is again money.

Bijeljina, 2010

Srebrenica, 2010

In the last weeks I’ve heard a lot about people who are allergic to gluten and have celiac disease. Unfortunately for them, gluten is found in dough, cereals, wheat etc., which basically means the list of what they can eat is very small. Now let’s try a test. Be a morally degenerated supplier, salesman, manufacturer or whatever. Do you see a business opportunity yet? Like in the cartoons where a character’s eyes roll into a dollar sign? Well, let me help you. These people cannot survive with normal food. They need to buy gluten free products. And they have no choice. They don’t even have any variety, because let’s face it, it’s impossible to go to a store and find two different makes of a pen, let alone different make gluten free products. So we have the monopol, they’re forced to buy our product, so what do we do? We charge it double (or more) and if we’re big enough scum we’ll insult them even further by selling them a third of the size a normal product like that has. (Goes for food served in restaurants mostly.) That’s fucking great! We save on ingredients, but we earn more. Yes, let’s cash in on human suffering! We love doing it so much all over the world that it should become the next most popular human indulgence! But it doesn’t always work like that. There are many people and many stops on the road from ingredients to every product and all of these stops influence the price. If the farmers raise prices, so will the supplier, and consequently the salesman. Acclimatization. As for gluten free products: Let’s look at bread crumbs for frying … One euro for normal ones. Almost five euros for gluten free. Shameless bastards are even indifferent to list both types of corn flour one after another on one of the online stores. Ordinary corn flour: 1,25 eur. Gluten free corn flour: 3,26 eur. And another gluten free corn flour just below: 3,85 eur. Need I say more?

Mostar, 2007

That is just scratching the surface. Stories of the handicapped who can hardly go around town, because no one would pay for adapting entrances etc. for easy acces with wheelchairs for example. That’s a story of greed. And old people being abused by their families. Again, money. Also a case of degenerated minds of today, of this dismissing of human values and morals or humanity to boost yourself, your ego, your gain, and power, and wealth. Letting people fall seriously ill and die, because our country is kissing ass of some French polluter? Money. Jobs, handed out to unqualified family members while you have tens of qualified workers who are unemployed or even work their asses off for you for years and wait to be put on contract? It’s all money and it’s all egotism, shameless egotism, and a corrupt mind. It’s nothing rare for taxpayers buying these people trips to meetings in far away countries, a summit or symposium, business trips that is, that yield no results, nothing new, hardly a report, because egotism is all about yourself, how you feel good and have fun. And I agree it’s difficult to learn something new and come to any change or anything if you love YOUR current situation. It’s also hard to stay focused and do business when your head is mostly thinking of the sites you’ll see and the party you’ll attend in the evening. What’s scary is that these people honestly believe there’s nothing wrong. Who gave them that idea? The whole bloody system!

North-East Bosnia, 2010

Bijeljina, 2010

Looking at the images of Bosnia, I can’t help wondering what would happen if they did join the EU. If it brings them prosperity, go ahead, but all it brough us was the worst in people. And abnormal prices, abnormal salaries for the scum in high places and next to no salaries to their peasants. If they get in, I hope they keep their souls, good nature… The photos here were first planned as a project documenting the change throughout the country since the war that ended in 1995 (lack of funding will probably make it impossible to do on an adequate level). Mostly because the country looks as if everyone forgot about it. (Not Sarajevo, though…) It’s like nothing changed in 15 years. And it feels so sad. Terribly sad. In a way, maybe because I lived in Yugoslavia, it is actually a lot more personal than it would be if I saw any other country left behind. But Bosnia borders on countries with a lot of money. And it’s also a few hours away from Slovenia, which is (at least formally) EU. It doesn’t feel right. Like all the stuff that I’ve written here above. When you cross the border, you notice empty streets, empty yards in front of houses and very soon fields of yellow ribons marking areas for demining.

Delta of the river Neretva, 2007

A mass for the victims of the Bosnian war in Sarajevo, 2003

But on the other hand, it’s like travelling back to the eighties… Bitter sweet…


2 thoughts on “Working Toward a Future

  1. Again excellent, painful photo-realism – and I’m not talking about the (excellent as well!) photos but about the words!

    “the higher you climb, the less oxygen goes to your brain”, LOL, I’m going to steal this one from you, write it down somewhere safe and use it on occasions!

    Unfortunately – the solution for everything described and pictured above is only one and it is radical: we should remove the cause and not the symptoms. As long as we go on tolerating the stupid monetary system, the concept of property and the economy, based on scarcity, debt and servitude, there will always be someone, trying to reach the top and enslave as many people as possible.

    I actually do not exactly believe in the NWO’s, the Illuminati’s, whatever shit and all the conspiracy theories – but I’m certain there’s someone up there pulling strings, probably some random lucky social climbers with an extreme tolerance to low oxygen levels.

    Even if we knew their family names and addresses and had the legal power to bring them down and put them somewhere safe, it wouldn’t change anything. Some others like them would be soon replacing them up there.

    “You can angrily stomp on the ants coming from under the fridge as much as you like, there will be no effects till you remove the forgotten piece of food” – Jacque Fresco.

    1. I think people all over the world will soon start doing something about it. Well, I think they already did. They just have to take it to higher levels.

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