Dog Shows?

I’ve been working on a story for about a year, but I didn’t expect it to turn this way. It was conceived as something quite normal and cute, but when you start observing the inner workings of the entire deal, the story can turn in different directions. This one surprised me. Negatively. In defence of Slovenian dog handlers, I must say that I’ve seen most of the questionable behaviour among foreigners. I started to wonder who’s actually on display. What is the main goal of all this. And how is this goal achieved. The following images are what struck me most. Yes, the selection below is biased, the entire story also reveals the cute stuff I was there initially for. But these things are difficult not to notice.


More at Dax Photo


4 thoughts on “Dog Shows?

    1. Se strinjam. Tudi sam sem namreč mnenja, da so razstave vseeno za nekaj dobre. Predvsem v smislu vzreje. Sploh so pa slovenski razstavljalci zelo … normalni, če lahko tako rečem. So tam zaradi psov, ne psi zaradi njih. Za tujce pa … Italijani so recimo pod kritiko…

  1. Ne razumem teh pasjih razstav…dobra reportaža Luka. Bi pa rad videl še več teh italjanov…mogoče bi bila še bolj zanimiva serija lastnikov…oz da bi se sfokusiral na njih in blural pse… 😉

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