A Personal Note on Srebrenica

During a war, imagine being trapped in a small town caged by hills and enemy territory as the enemy is advancing toward you. You keep listening to reports of the monster killing your kind in towns all around you. You know they’ll be here soon. You know they’ll kill you, or your whole family. But there’s a glimpse of hope on the outskirts of town. Last resort. In desperation. The UN military base. They’re peacekeepers, right, so they’ll help. That’s what they here for. They’ll protect you. Now imagine the entire town evacuating to that military base. Thousands of people gathering in a large hall of the base, comforting themselves thinking they’re safe with the peacekeepers.
It’s July and it’s hot, especially with thousands of people, whole families, the entire town crowding in the hall. You simply wait for the monster to arrive at the gates, the same people that have been ethnically cleansing the areas around your town, killing masses of people, burning their homes. And you know the monster and its army will come. And you count on the international peacekeepers to keep them out. Second by second. Minute by minute. It takes forever and you just want it to be over. You just want to live. Survive this war aimed against your kind. The genocide of your people. Of you. Because of who you are and who you pray to.
And then finally, the monster arrives. International peacekeepers stop it and its army at the gates. They talk, the monster’s quite a manipulant liar, but you all know better. And you hope the peacekeepers will do their job, protect you and respect your wish to stay with them in the base to ensure safety. This is the moment that needs to pass for you to go on with your life and end the overwhelming fear for your life and the lives of your family. Now imagine your heart sink when the peacekeepers open the gate to the monster. Imagine that moment of knowing your fate is sealed one way or another. You’ll end up killed or sent far away. Imagine knowing you won’t live to see tomorrow. Imagine the fear and disappointment as the monster walks with the peacekeepers through the crowd, patting your kid on the cheeks, lying everything will be ok. Who do you want pay for this? The monster? The incompetent peacekeepers?
It happens. Just the way you knew it would. They seperate men and boys from their mothers and sisters and put them on wagons and drive them away. For the entire night machine gun fire echoes through the valley. If you’re a man, your wagon stops in the middle of the forest in total darkness. Sharp barking orders from the enemy as they send you to the edge of the forest. You now there’s nothing there and you know what they’ll do. You know you have about three minutes of life left. You can’t say goodbye to anyone, can’t say anyone you love them. They don’t know where you are and you don’t know where they are. Life ends in this darkness at those trees. You stop, can hardly believe that someone who might have been your neighbour before is now cowardly hiding behind you and will kill you. You kind of hope you could survive the wounds, if the bullets hit just the right way to miss vital parts of your organs. But how many chances you have that the bullets will hit in just the right way? Will it be quick? In the head? What will happen of your family thinking of you…
If you’re a woman, imagine watching your father, husband, sons, brothers, uncles, all taken away into the night. Imagine your mind racing as you listen to the machine gunfire echoing through the valley for the entire night. Can you still make up stories for your daughters? Tell them their father will come back. That their neighbour is not such a monster, that he’ll save them? Do you still believe human mind to be human? What you hope for? Do you still believe the world won’t let this happen?
But the world did let it happen. You think you know all the monsters that commited this crime? Killing 8,000 Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica on July 11, 1995. Over night. Fingers soar from pulling the trigger. Think again. They’re the degenerate minds that actually pulled the triggers, but there was a lot more people pulling strings. Or not pulling them. Take a look at the years of Bosnian War. It ended in 1995, soon after the most horrible crime of all commited during this war. Why now? Why not before? I think that monster that got away knows why. I think that’s why it wasn’t apprehended yet. It would incriminate too many people. Like the Dutch, the French, the Russians, the English… You think the degeneration of the mind that occured in Bosnia was limited to the area? So why did former US president Clinton supposedly get a personal correspondence from a European politician regarding Europe not willing to help Bosnia saying: “Sorry, but this is just the neccessary sacrifice to keep Europe Christian.”
Killing Muslims seems to have been a popular sport. There were groups of fighters coming from other countries as well. A Slovenian was among them. Greek fighters, too. And the white collar European trash simply sat there and watched, fighting back efforts and pleas for help to Bosnia as long as they could. You think the Dutch peacekeepers leaving the Potočari military base was a coincidence? Think again. They simply let the genocide happen. And they had orders or guidelines from above. Does the fact that they don’t have the guts to show themselves at the Srebrenica memorial service on 11th July each year tell you something? Or the fact that the UN fails to send its representative?
They knew very well what they were doing. They’re not stupid, they knew what will happen to the people, but I believe they didn’t think the monster to be capable of such mass killing. Well, you greatly underestimated the rotten minds of these people. And when they saw what the monster did, they finaly decided to stop the killings in Bosnia. Let the criminals run and hide, so they wouldn’t tell who let them do it, while they came like cavalry saving the world again, after they did so well to destroy it themselves. God forbid they capture the monster now. Too little time passed. If it tells whose blessing the ethnic cleansing had, all the names, well, too many people would be named. And until they’re gone, it’s better to keep it a secret. They don’t want people know criminals run their countries.
Every year, hundreds of people see the return of their relatives in coffins as incomplete remains. The country is in mourning. Family trees wiped out, lives destroyed for generations, a country stuck in a moment. And yes, the monster did it, and you, the international community, you let it! See what you did! Come to Srebrenica for a memorial service once. Cowardly scum. You should all be in jail. Or maybe somebody should take you to the edge of the forest one night, put a gun barrel to the back of your head…

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