How Far We’ve Come

I guess the violent protests showed us something, right? Wrong. Everybody’s talking about student organization and how they’re to blame and although they did do a lot to help all of it happen, the real reason is in the heads of these people.

Following the trend of excessive drinking, partying, no values and no regard for anything that’s not yours (being belongings, objects, morals, views, opinions…), even such a thing as a protest in Slovenia is made into one big party. Where in the world did you see political protests with added live concert?

I had pretty difficult job of editing those images since all of them looked like it’s the urban version of Novarock Festival or something. Most of the highschool students were drunk and enjoying a day out of school. And going along the lines of no values, no respect, personal pleasure and fun, I guess all they needed was someone to throw the first stone into the parliament building and all the drunken sheep followed.

Someone asked one of the high shool students why he was throwing stones into the building and he said: “Uhhh, I don’t know, because that guy does it, too.” It wasn’t a protest. It was pure fun destroying something. In this country very few young people know what’s right or wrong and even if they do, they’re not ashamed to brake the law, do damage, commit a crime. One wonders who taught them that.

It sure as hell weren’t the parents, because they’re never around. The TV is, though. And Jerry Springer, Ricky Lake, The Farm reality show and the whole popularization of someone who f***s arround and drinks his ass off. So what are the media saying? Go get yourself waisted, drunk till you throw up all over whatever, ’cause that’s cool. And no-one is there to teach them otherwise.

So they picked up stones, laughed stupidly and started throwing. Not because they would disagree with the proposal of a new law that would limit the ammount of paid work they can do alongside their studies. Who was throwing stuff around? Kids in fashion clothes, top brand shorts and shoes and t-shirts and sunglasses, the kind of spoiled brats of 15 to 17 years of age that live off of their ignorant parents and have never searched for a job in their lives.

But someone threw a stone and they just followed. They’re not just sheep. They’re sheep who go for pleasure and fun where both of it are completely degenerated. But it’s not just ignorant, primitive, and primitive media guided society that’s to blame. Our government is the same. What an example they are, if there are real criminals among them? If they do what they want, regardless of other, all for their benefit. If they don’t care for anything but themselves. If they deal weapons, practice corruption, extortion, bribery, libel, clientelism, fraud, and most of all stealing.

No-one came out to talk to the students. To make a promise. To come towards them, to consider them in the equation in running a country. So if the building in front of them is just dead representative of the bad guys inside, only the walls behind which they hide, what keeps angry people from destroying it? When it gets bad enough it’s a good approach. But bring me workers to do it, and I’ll agree. Dumb smiling ignorant spoiled brats doing it? No, thanks. That’s just pure lack of intelligence.

It’s not just ignorance, though. It’s also arogance. And the need to place oneself in opposition to someone else. That’s what happens in a world where we have just about everything. Nothing gets you high anymore. Nothing gives you value unless you do it. And here we are. To make life interesting, you taunt riot police, you push the boundries of civil behavior. To gain value, you rise above others and shy away from responsibility. Which is frequent student practice in jobs, bytheway.

Arogance is what makes the student organization claim no responsibility for what happened. They just boasted it with their hate talk and all it took, they think, for them to drop all responsibility was to declare the protest over the moment first stones started hitting the building. How twisted one must be…

To emphasise the overall degeneration of this society’s mindframe, values and mentality, one can simply look at what the nearby store was selling to minors that threw stones, bottles, signposts etc. at the riot police. The kids kept coming out with bags of liqour and no-one denied them of buying it although by law they should. And what poor student would protest by throwing full bottles of Jack Daniels at the police?

We’ve showed the face of a nation. I know and a lot of us know that there are normal people in this country, but what we’ve seen that day is what this country is becoming. Fast. One needs only to follow Friday night parties all around the country to see young people getting dead drunk and not because they would have a hard life, but because it’s considered fun. And they go about destroying property, monuments, anything of value TO OTHERS, because it’s fun. Fun, fun, fun. Mix it with primitivism, lack of morals and values, lack of any sense of moral boundries and consideration, and you got yourself the shit that’s going to run our country one day. A much greater shit that’s in power today.

Let’s hope our values can reset, before this world breaks into lawlessness. The Mad Max world of the future. It’s all we have left. Look around. It’s all rotten. Economy is corrupt and abusive, self-centered, shamelessly stealing from their employees and exploiting them. Way too many officials are incompetent, mostly because they got the job through connections, regardless of their skills, and perhaps even with a diploma that they bought. It all stays among friends, the jobs, the money, the future, the good life. And how do you think people will react when it all stays behind the walls of a parliament building?


2 thoughts on “How Far We’ve Come

  1. Kudos, excellently put and I can only add my humble moniker to the list of the ones who agree with every word of it.
    Some first class photographs as well, btw.

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