Turkey Special

Apple tea, Efes beer, kebab and a whole lot of vegetables. A lot of ruins, a lot of history, very few toilet seats, and even less toilet paper. Honey sweets, football, “genuine fakes” at the bazaar, and – if you allow yourself a nice Turkish screw – one to one ratio in currency exchange between Turkish Lira and Euro. Oh, and there’s the minaret speakers shouting from all over the place a few times a day… Very nice wake-up call before five in the morning. Quite macabre in certain cases. These are a bit different photos of travelling around Turkey. Turkey, the iPhone way.

Atatürk Mausoleum, Ankara
If you only knew what lies behind those doors... (A highway piss stop)
Uchisar hill, Cappadocia
Turkish rugs, if you want so walk on thousands of Euros.
A night stroll in Avanos, Cappadocia
Derinkuyu underground city, Cappadocia
Ihlara canyon
Washing the bus at a road resthouse.
Mevlana mausoleum, Konya
A shopping mall, Konya
Virgin Mary's house, Efes
The ancient city of Efes
Bursa morning
Hagia Sofia, Istanbul
The Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Bosphorus, Istanbul
Watching football on the streets of Istanbul
Kapalicarsi Grand bazaar, Istanbul

These as well as the “normal” story on Turkey will be online at Dax Photo soon.


2 thoughts on “Turkey Special

  1. Nice, you made quite a trip. Also the photographs so great that even the stupid kodak-brownie-loaded-with-colour-film-that-survived-hiroshima effect couldn’t ruin them.

    Is that all or did you shoot more stuff ?

    1. With this app on iPhone this is about 3/4 of the story I did. I tried doing it the oldfashioned way, when you take a picture only when you see it’ll be “the one”. No tight editing later, because only about 5% of the images aren’t interesting enough. One to two photos per sight, and that’s it.

      Of course, the normal 5D story will also be online, but since I’m starting to look at things differently, I don’t know what it’ll be like. Most certainly unlike the Turkish Mediterranean story that’s online at Dax Photo now. It’ll be very different, because I’m going in a different direction now… 😉

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