Closing the end of a seriously hectic week, just a quick look at the main event. The Dalai Lama visiting Slovenia. The whole story will go up on Dax Photo in the next days, but here’s a preview.

The Dalai Lama speaks in front of the high school.

If anyone ever decided to do a sitcom out of this blog or my life, it would be no Everybody Loves Raymond. It would be the next Ally McBeal. In fact, it would probably be entitled Lucy Debeal for all the overworked-stresses-out-tiredness-induced screw ups. And the ones caused by bad karma (Peterlin press). πŸ˜€ On monday I was there two hours earlier. Took my spot, it was perfect. Adjusted my lighting and all, worked great. The Dalai Lama comes, first three images as he is far away walking towards us are fine, then the camera freeks out, flash not firing, exposure swings … Pretty nice, considering it was all on manual. πŸ™‚ And even though I was ready to break the camera in half, I just went “lamalamalamalamalama” and breathe in, breathe out… πŸ™‚

Monks chant before the lecture in Maribor.

Needless to say, next day was worse… Forgetting my press credentials (but close enough to go back and get them), then realizing I must either start working out or come to grips that the shitty leg won’t cope much longer. πŸ™‚ And again the flash failing …

The Dalai Lama speaks during a lecture in Maribor
The Dalai Lama answers questions during a press conference after the lecture
The Dalai Lama answers questions during a press conference after the lecture

The Dala Lama speaks to the head of PR for the University of Maribor after the press conference

Three’s a charm, right? Wednesday was indeed nice. Not many problems there, except for the obvious moronic drivers.

The Dalai Lama arrives at a lecture for the invited on Wednesday
... and adjusting what is obviously becoming his trademark hat

But my coverage didn’t end there. I had some extra time with him.

The Dalai Lama gives a TV interview in Habakuk Hotel in Maribor
The Dalai Lama speaks to an audience of Tibetans in Habakuk Hotel in Maribor

And no, I didn’t talk to him. Not enough time. But I did shake hands with him. Twice. In two days. It’s not bragging, it’s a warning. Bad karma can brush off on people. Literally. Like a cold. πŸ˜€ Oh, and bytheway, I’m joking, in case Β I get blamed later for any troubles His Holiness might have in the coming months or weeks. πŸ™‚

That’s it. Check out more on Dax Photo soon.


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