Nickelback Rocks Linz

They were recently named the band of the decade by Billboard magazine, because they sold more records than any other band from 2000 to 2009. They’re on tour with their Dark Horse. Album of course. πŸ™‚ If it was a real horse, it would probably freeze to death outside in Linz yesterday, where they performed live in the Intersport Arena. But the temperatures inside were quite the opposite of those outside. The warm up started with Daughtry, and quickly the impulse to Leave This Town that many fans had while waiting for the concert outside was gone. Daughtry gave them their best of best, including the song that seems to be looping on Slovenian radios Feels Like Tonight etc.

Feels like tonight? Oh, you felt it alright. I don’t usually use earplugs, but Nickelback issued a warning, and if they say it’s loud (Rockstars have a different definition of “loud”), you better shove those things deep in your ears. From the very beginning it seemed like they’re in the Arena to Burn It To The Ground. Not only because pyrotechnics was really strong and the opening Something in Your Mouth started with a powerful fireworks, but because at the end of the song, there should be another set of fireworks and it didn’t go off. Instead, it produced a little fire, nothing worth mentioning really. I’m mentioning it, because I waited for it. Yes, preparation before shooting a concert is vital.

Nickelback's fiery entrance starting with "Something in Your Mouth"

Speaking of something in your mouth, I also knew where we will be taking pictures from, and I also knew most of the time Chad Kroeger will seem to have the mike in his mouth. Yes, not a great spot for photos. But he did move around a bit, so I got more than I hoped for. And yes, it was VERY loud. During a two hour show, they hoped that there’s Gotta Be Somebody out there (hopefully not, because if so, they’re frozen by now – nope, I won’t forget that cold πŸ™‚ ), they acted like Animals :D, and told the audience what it would be like If Everyone Cared.

They used gas cannons on people. πŸ˜€ To shoot free T-shirts at them. πŸ˜€ Chad did a lot of complimenting on the beauty of Austrian women. πŸ˜€ And their drummer Daniel Adair had an orgasmic drum solo, which is what Chad pointed out on the slow motion video of Daniel’s performance and asked the audience how many of them felt like they were having sex with Daniel. What followed was the most hilarious artist-fan interraction ever. In short, and I’m not sure I know the entire conversation correctly, this is how it went:

Women start yelling after that remark and he notices a girl in front row. From then on, Chad’s all I could hear.

Chad (a bit shocked): “Is that your mother behind you?”

“How old are you? 16?”



Short pause


Turns around shocked, now joking: “Oh, my god, she’s twelve. And you brought her here no problem. -Mom, can I go to Nickelback concert? -Sure, there will be some nice songs, some fire, lights…

Walks up to the edge of the stage again: “Lady, did you hear the lyrics of our last song? We got no class, no taste, no shirt, and shit faced.” Stops. Nods. “Noooo. Noooo. Noooo.”

Walks up to the girl again: “You must have very good grades.”

There was something about backstage after that, but I don’t remember what. I do remember this as he speaks to the mother again:

“Where’s your husband?”

“Not here? Aha… Right… Ok…”

He then showed the “orgasm face” of Daniel again, and then concluded his conversation with the girl’s mother.

“Wait for the drive home, when your daughter asks you: Mom, what’s an orgasm?”

Crowd is laughing their asses off.

“Yeah, and you just look at your watch and say: Honey, we’ll be home in ten minutes and you can ask your father.”

“See, I’m on your side!” he added to make things straight.

And then he dedicated How You Remind Me to the little girl. The show had a huge screen behind and video played all the time and a lot of fire effects. A lot of real fire was on stage as well. When that thing went off, you could bring a frozen stiff fan left outside without a ticket and thaw him really fast. And just when you think it’s over … Oh, what a nice place to add another title from Daughtry. No, It’s Not Over. πŸ˜‰ The show ended in the biggest fireworks and pyrotechnics display I ever saw safely produced indoors. πŸ˜€ Or, maybe they really were here to Burn It To The Ground or blow things up as Chad put it. Well, “sheiße” said Kroeger. (The audience loved that).

As for me, when it was over, at times I really thought I won’t Leave This Town. Sad But True. As always I wait till the end of the concert, because I need to see the whole gig in order to write about it as well, so when it’s time to leave, I’m stuck in a jam. And it’s frikin’ cold. πŸ˜€ Started gulping down Burn to stay consciuos :D. I thought, if this is Bon Jovi rerun and me making up for getting out of that show while I still could, I’ll kick the bucket right here in Linz, Far Away from Home, with nobody Savin’ Me. Too Bad. πŸ˜‰

It cleared, of course, and my ass was full of coffeine and teine and whatever-eine. I drove back half of Austria like a bat outta Hell, I bet there was fire in my eyes, I could run half the way. πŸ˜€ You know when I am sure the energy drink works? Katschberg tunnel goes by as if it was an underpass (and, no, I wasn’t speeding) and it’s not torture. Usually I’m so tired when driving through Katschberg tunnel, that I’m clutching that steering wheel and staring eyes wide open owl-like through the windshield – sort of like a frozen corpse (nope, I won’t forget that cold) πŸ˜€

The entire story will be online shortly.


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