Images of 2009

Well, we did it. We went around the sun again. 2009 was … OK.

Here is a selection of photos from 2009.

The St. Petersburg State Ballet On Ice performs Swan Lake on Ice in Tivoli hall, Ljubljana, 23rd January.

Young marble trout wait in the tank of a hatchery to grow large enough to be released into streams populated by geneticaly pure marble trout. They're a part of a project of preservation and repopulation of genetically pure marble trout.
Slovenian president Danilo Türk and cultural minister Majda Širca visit the France Prešeren exhibition in Kranj on Prešeren's day, 8th February.

P!nk performs in Vienna's Stadthalle on her Funhouse Tour on 25th March.
Aqaba, Jordan. On top of drought, large ammounts of water are lost due to broken pipes.
Petra, Jordan. A hotel pool in the middle of an arid land.

Petra, Jordan
Amman, Jordan. Capitalism is growing strong, shopping malls multiply, and people buy more.

Amman, Jordan. The old part of the city.

Machine Head perform in Vienna's Stadthalle on 14th May.

Metallica performs in Vienna's Stadthalle during their Death Magnetic Tour on 14th May.

Dance group Mana during their performance entitled "Del mene je narejen iz stekla" (A Part of Me Is Made of Glass) on 28th May.

A brachiosaurus munches on my garden- Pardon, a model of a brachiosaur in Styrassic Park, Austria, 20th June.
A crocodile ready to chew on my camera (NOT! - there's glass between us) in the Maribor aquarium-terrarium.
Sinead O'Connor performs in Ljubljana's Križanke open theatre on 22nd June.

Robert Kranjec, ski jumper, from a set of portraits taken in the summer months of 2009 for the humanitarian project Verjemi v svoj koš.

A fire breather blows fire during the Spectaculum, a Medieval event in Friesach, Austria, 25th July.
Maurizio Maule poses with the largest marble trout ever to be cought by sports fishing. He caught the trout in Soča river near Tolmin. It was 120 cm long and weighed 22,5 kg.
Linda Tellington-Jones, world renowned animal trainer and therapist, author of Ttouch method, visits Kaja in Grom Ranch in Vojnik, Slovenija. 30th August.
Children play at a Children's bazaar in Ljubljana, 11th September.

The Napoleon's Battle at Razdrto is reinacted in the Park of Military History in Pivka, Slovenia, 20th September.
Marjan Kolar becomes Slovenian national flyfishing champion after the last competition in Mozirje, Slovenia, 27th September.

'Napoleon' visits the underground tunnels, a tourist attraction underneath the old city center of Kranj, Slovenia, 14th October.

A bobtail waits for his turn to show off at a CACIB dog show in Vrtojba, Slovenia, 8th November.

David Guetta performs at the Planai Ski Opening in Schladming, Austria, 5th December.
Dejan Zavec, the IBF welterweight boxing world champion, returns home after his world champion title match against Isaac Hlatshwayo in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A sudden onset of warm weather causes all snow to melt in two days, causing severe flooding for Christmas.

And that’s it.


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