Fast forward to spring, from -20 degree Celsius to +15 degrees. Rivers, lakes and the sea rose. Most rivers flooded, or at least reached critical levels. But fortunately it wasn’t as severe as predicted.

the Sava river

This bridge over Sava river was instable to begin with, so when all that water started hitting it and broke the pipes beneath it, firemen closed it down.
Water hits the broken pipes under the bridge. Firemen waited for one big log to come and tear the bridge down.
The Kokra river is a tributary of Sava. It reached its record hight.
Flooded gardens under an apartment building in Kranj.
Flooded basements are being drained of knee-high water after the river Sava flooded them.
Although the road is closed, a car drives down a flooded road in Kranj.

Some of the worst hit areas were near the Soča river. The Tolminka river flooded an important fish farm in Tolmin, where the most important male and female marble trout is kept for the international project of pure marble trout preservation project. The day after, the fishermen were cleaning up. Damage is still unknown.


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