Dejan Zavec, the new IBF Welterweight Boxing World Champion, Arrives Home

Despite its size Slovenia has some of the best athletes in the world. It’s as if a two horse town would continually produce winners at the highest international level (the Olympics, World Championships etc.). After we entered the FIFA World Cup as the smallest country, our small “village” produced a world champion in boxing. Dejan Zavec.

Right where our soccer team will make history, Zavec fought the then-current world champion Isaac Hlatshwayo and won by knockout in the third round. He seems tough and bad and mean in the ring, but Dejan is one of the funniest, fun to be around people. A joker, a caring family man, and very humble. That’s why, when he arrived to the airport yesterday and the door opened and he saw the tightly packed arrivals lobby with all the signs and flags and cameras etc., he stood there between the door, hands on his head, completely shocked. Then he just went with the flow.

And he had to go with the flow. The crowd pushed and everybody was pretty much squeezed hands over shoulders ass on someone else. 🙂 Doing most of the pushing were of course the media. Cameramen and photographers.

Cameras attack 🙂

Most of them are well behaved and show respect or at least consideration for other photographers, but you can also find those, whose egos are over the roof and they treat others more or less as lesser people, like scum. In these cases, their treatment turns into something like that of a riot police. Prefessionals at their best. 🙂

Hugging his wife while holding hands with the sports minister

But there was also no fences, no security. So the chaos was quite normal. It took Dejan half an hour to get out of the arrivals to the press conference.

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5 thoughts on “Dejan Zavec, the new IBF Welterweight Boxing World Champion, Arrives Home

  1. There’s more where that one came from. 😉
    Od Dejana je še največ res dobrih portretov, ampak je tu še 11 drugih športnikov, katerih najboljša fotka je bila izbrana za koledar Idoli 2010. Anže kopitar, Petra Majdič, Robi Kranjec, Rašo Nesterovič, Samir Handanovič, Boštjan Nachbar, Primož Brezec, Lucija Polavder, Sara Isaković, Marko Milič, Jure Košir. A sem vse naštel? sem… 🙂 Ja, za začetek je bil poudarek na košarkaših, saj je bilo to v klopu humanitarnega projekta Verjemi v svoj koš.

    Stvar je sicer bila narejena za koledar, hkrati je press projekt, ki bo šel na Dax Photo v letu 2010 vsak mesec z enim setom portretov, če se bomo le dogovorili.

  2. We met you in hotel breakfast room in Fort Worth Texas and very much enjoyed our conversation and education on Slovenia. Best Of Luck with everything What a great guy!

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