Ski Opening with David Guetta

Dax Photo has been covering the Schladming Ski Openings since their beginning in 2007, when Dax Photo actually formed at P!nk’s concert. Last year, it was Kid Rock and a massive snow storm on my way back. This year, the trip was only marked by a new car and its debut concert assignment. No eight hour drive in heavy snow. But we almost camein the original set-up. Dax Photo was only one photographer short this time. The artist opening the ski season in Schladming: world famous DJ David Guetta. The event was completely sold out and fans arrived hours before the show. By the time the organizers let them onto the Planai Stadium, many of them were already dead drunk. And as the stadium filled up, the Amadeus Austrian Music Award winner Anna F started warming them up at freezing minus 6 degrees.

Anna F warmed up the crowd.

The break to David Guetta would have been agonizing in that cold, but the crowd was alredy heavily packed on the stadium, basically keeping themselves warm. And with the help of a lot of alcohol again. Or still. πŸ™‚ Our photo pit was right under a pretty high stage, and we knew that if his mix table would stay where it was before, we wouldn’t even see him.

David Guetta peeking over his table πŸ™‚

Yes, they moved him up front, so we could see him chest up. And he started his party with a hit produced in colaboration with Kelly Rowland. When Love Takes Over. Well, love did take over just about everybody in the front row, who started climbing over the fence into the photo pit. One starts to wonder what kind of an audence are people partying to house music. I mean, no offence to the normal ones, but OMG, how many of them weren’t even potty trained. Pissing all over the place, no need even for a wall or whatever to hide themselves, just in plain sight, in the crowd. But I’m sure they had a good reason. Like being drunk so hard not to remember it the day after I guess. Again, no offence to the people I took photos of, because I don’t know them (and especially not those I take pictures of at home, whom I do know), but (and this is a joke!!!) have you ever noticed how eager these house party people are to have their picture taken? Put two and two together and … Are they making sure they’ll have at least some memory of the night? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

Amazingly, although it doesn’t look very sanitary, the party is also full of people that are just happy. I don’t care why, but they are. And they’re kind and friendly. And not all of them need alcohol to be so. The mood of these parties is therefore happy, but smudged by those who take drinking waaay over the limit. Nevertheless, happy people I take photos of do seem to brush some good spirit onto me. I just hope they didn’t brush something more on me. Like a floo virus. They did brush it off on my camera though. My battery was dead after half an hour, but I’m having these issues with my 1D MkIIN all the time lately. I turn the camera off, switch it back on and the battery is full, but the AF is not working and it wouldn’t trigger. Yap, we’re all getting older. Old enough to be cursing out loud when a bunch of ignorant cameramen climbed onto the stage and pushed their wide angles into Guetta’s face. They completely blocked the view to photographers who obeyed the rules and took pictures from the photo pit. But that’s how cameramen too often are.

More photos, including all the pictures of fans:


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