Who Killed Michael Jackson (a few kind words to the “media”)

“If they say why, why, tell them that is human nature… that they do it that way.”

Indeed, Mr. Jackson, indeed.

The human nature of the most violent and degenerated species on this planet – humans – is such that their primitive minds are set on personal gain, and when they see an oportunity to get it by exploiting someone who’s got more than them, they’ll do it without a single brainfart of morals. Being run by people, the media can be just like that, but on a different level. The media feeds on readers, readers are humans, humans have the above mentioned mentality. Celebrities attract readers (more than 50% of the world population’s IQ obviously doesn’t reach further), readers produce sales, the media have “personal” gain. So when a celebrity like Michael Jackson is at hand, it is only natural for them, the first and the latter, to pick at it until their “food” is gone. The brainless idiots at trash papers are jerking off to private lives of celebrities and the more negativity they can find, the greater the pleasure. In conjunction with proverbially morally degenerated executives at high places of companies, and the increasingly primitive general population, they can be a murder weapon.

The more and more rotten human mind allows us to take what’s good in someone and turn it against them. And the media picks it up immediatelly to fire their canons from the other side. Companies then decide for ridiculous lawsuits, just because they can. And soon you’re defeated, but the assaults don’t stop. They just love kicking you when you’re down. Well, what did you expect from such scum. And by all means, don’t ever find anything on the celebrity that would speak for them not against them. That’s just not the content these so-called media are after.

When it comes to Michael Jackson, all of it came together to destroy him, and nothing anyone said could make them break away from their negative reporting. I guess the shits in the editors offices continuously need to release some of their frustrations, and they found themselves a perfect channel for it. See, if you’re miserable and your life sucks, why don’t you leave other people alone? You’re probably happy now that a person that was so much more than you is dead, ha? Noooo, you’re not. Because he still has good reputation. And you fuckers don’t (bytheway, you never will). You were probably congratulating yourself when you saw him walking towards the court with the help of two people, in his pijamas and slippers. You probably loved it when he went bancrupt, but especially when he was mentally down.

A long time ago, a little boy with a morally degenerated father gave the media the opportunity of a lifetime to destroy a big name in the music industry. Because Jackson was a bit weird when it comes to caring for other people, weird for the usual self-centered human, but in fact just someone who loved and cared more. He was rich and famous, so human nature had the perfect motive to turn this odd characteristic of his against him. So in an instant, Michael Jackson was turned into a pedofile, the label he carried to the rest of his life, because narrow minded, hatred-filled people, always want to make people that are better off as their enemies. They just need something to hate them for. And the same people are so narrow minded and negative that they are capable of negative interpretations of just about any gesture, way of life, thinking, philosophy etc. I am not defending Jackson here, because we don’t know the entire truth, but I am commenting on human reactions, the prejudice and most of all on the media’s war against him. The same war that created a myth that this is the guy who’s trying to change himself into someone else by tons of cosmetic surgeries. One of their biggest successes was the story of having his skin turned white. Congratulations, reputation going down, public belief going up. But the truth is he had a skin disease. Right up your alley, ha, assholes?

As if it’s not enough for just about anybody to try and rob him of his money. Including the family of a boy he allegedly abused. Oh, yes, and of course, according to the “media” (quotations because I don’t consider such scumbags media), he slept in the same bed as his child guests. OK, so let’s see how no second thoughts were applied, no doubt, all prejudice and profit-ridden. First of all, what’s so sick in sharing a bed? And think about when sleeping became synonimous with abuse. As far as I know, when I’m sleeping, I’m out. And trying to interpret all of it in their way, does that mean that a a great number of dog lovers (oh, and yes, we could intepret ‘lovers’ in a very sick way, yap) abuse their pets, because they sleep in the same bed? Funny, how you can look at everything through a different looking glass, if you want to. But nobody cared to at least doubt. Their story had to be straight. And they had to drive it till the end.

When he died, medicated, but planning a come-back, suddenly the other voices came through. The truth somehow leaked, because some of the media did decide to have a bit of conscience. But most “media” didn’t want to pick it up. We now know about his skin condition, but the “media” didn’t report on that. The boy admitted to have lied about the abuse that brought to a downfall of an icon, but the “media” just mentioned it, some “media”, not many. Others continue their story. Even when his autopsy was being made, they reported on him being like a skeleton, pierced with needle marks etc., when in fact he was healthy. But ooooh, no, that doesn’t fit the image you bastards have chosen for him, does it? And regardless of the truth, why not just leave him alone finally?!?!

He left a lot behind. Companies and individuals filed stupid lawsuits through gaps in the laws and contracts to strip him of some millions. Now that he’s gone, they came running with even bigger bags. And many more came running. His reputation is in danger of becoming positive, through all the truths we’ve learned. The truths you stupid media have witheld from us. And you’re in danger of being blamed to have lied all a long, so you’re reputation is under attack. Now you want to divert everything from your previous lies to report negativities on his legacy. If you assholes dealt with your families as much as you do with Jackson’s, your children wouldn’t take up drugs, go into gangs, have sex at 13, drove drunk and massacre their schools. You really should have someone turn the mirror on you, you know. Because THAT would be a sick story.

Final words to the trash papers and all such “media”: Just face it already – you’ll never be as great as him. But I understand, you know that, which is why you have to keep convincing yourself: “Great as him? Wouldn’t wanna be. He was a sick pervert.” You know who the real sick pervert is? YOU.

But you also did something he never would. You killed a person. Michael Jackson.


4 thoughts on “Who Killed Michael Jackson (a few kind words to the “media”)

  1. “I am not defending Jackson here, because we don’t know the entire truth”

    OH YES WE DO , sir. Michael was innocent, innocent, innocent beyond ALL reasonable doubt. Why did you feel compelled to throw in this little caveat? It’s still a work in progress, but maybe this will help you erase any doubt in your mind –


    I agree with you about the media, but it’s not just the tabloids that destroyed a human being. The mainstream media was/is far worse. People tend to believe what they say because mainstream media outlets, unfortunately, still maintain some credibility among the ignorant public. There is a new term for mainstream media – Medialoid – which is, mainstream media infected by tabloid journalism.

    I am obliged to say we do not know the entire truth, because the public really doesn’t know the entire truth. There’s always something left unsaid and unresearched (from MJ’s private life) so as a journalist I must be objective and keep that in mind. But personally I know very well he was totally innocent, yes. That’s why the media made me so angry and I had to write all this down.

    And THANK YOU for bringing up the issue of Medialoid. That’s an even greater problem. Don’t believe the tabloids, believe credible news outlets? Not anymore.
    Thanks for mentioning that. Glad to hear from someone who shares my criticism of the media.

  3. I heard, Dax, that you’re a cross-dresser. Yeah, that’s what I heard. I’m a major media spokesperson and I’m about to go on national television and tell the world you’re a cross-dresser. Oh, don’t worry…I’m going to be smart about it: as long as I use the word alleged, it’s not libel. Doesn’t matter if I can prove it; from now on, you’re a cross-dresser. Excuse me, an alleged cross-dresser.

    Amazing, isn’t it, that all that’s needed in America to destroy someone is that he be ACCUSED. As a result of mere accusation, your reputation will end up in tatters.

    I disagree with you. You’re not obliged, based on mere accusation, to say we do not know the entire truth. We do know the truth. What we don’t know is why the media would conspire to destroy Michael Jackson. THAT’S objectivity. And that, indeed, is the question.

    I am bewildered at the lengths to which people will go to portray me so negatively. ~Michael Jackson

    1. Oh, man, I just had to approve this comment, because I’m exposed! :))

      No, seriously, about negative reporting on MJ. I am not that kind of a journalist, and I know very well Michael Jackson was the most misrepresented person in the media.
      I didn’t live in his house to know the entire truth, neither did you. Years of journalism studies and work will teach you that. But I knew all along, the media is presenting him wrong. When he died, it was proven.
      I don’t know why the media would conspire to destroying him, I don’t think they did. They just wanted readers, money… MJ sells. And unfortunatelly negativity sells as well. So regardless whether they wanted it or not, they are responsible for MJ’s bad reputation and the majority of people still believes them, even though many of us know they’re wrong.

      It wasn’t one media spokesman that did the damage. It was many of them, because majority of these media adopt the same trends. the ones I just told you about (money, names that sell, dirty details, and negativity). So unless, all other major networks, magazines, trash papers etc. pick up on your news of me being a cross-dresser (where the hell did you come up with that? 😀 ), the news will simply be gone with the wind. Moreover, my name doesn’t sell. :))

      And again, my personal opinion: MJ was a great person, and way too misunderstood.

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