Carnival Season

Last year, it was all about Venice. This year, my carnival coverage played out on the streets of my home town and especially at a party in a nearby shooping mall and multiplex cinema. Here are some images, but a lot more are at

The streets of Kranj were almost as crowded as those in Venice. 🙂

As the carnival dragged on, I guess some just got fed up with it. 😀 It was difficult to see anything anyway, if you were small.

The korants. Bytheway, they’re almost as hairy as me! 😀

Culture clash?

The night was time for a big party at the bowling alley of Planet Tuš. THAT was some sight. 😀

Being used to such shots of people, this was a lot different than usual. I mean, a tiger with a violet hair?

OK, I honestly didn’t plan this! 😀 As you can see, the priest wears glasses with an attached penis as a nose. Now check out the sign his head is covering. COCKtail. 😀 

Any of these two masks would do to make me prettier. 😀 Bytheway, I was dressed as a worn-out photographer.

Well, next time I wish for fairies I’ll definitely specify gender. 😀

And while men went soft, the women toughened up.

Don’t worry, you don’t need glasses. That is a sheik dancing with a Milka cow. 😀

Fish out of water. 😉

Tourists 😀

Well, you can’t see their snouts, but these are piglets humping. 😀

Oh, come on, I don’t need a costume to look like that…. I meant the guy on the right, what the hell were you thinking? 😀

Lots of hot women at the party! (If you can’t see the joke, I suggest you give up dating right now. For your own good.)

OK, here’s a visual aid. These are real. See, no facial hair. (Hiipies. Impressed. Don’t be surprised to see me with my hair down to my waist, and talking like Morrison sometime in the near future. That is, if I don’t go bald. :D)

By the time the party was over, I looked a lot like this zombie or a similar … undead. I was probably the only one there whose mask actually looked worse with every passing hour.

And by the end of the day, I walked out of that battle looking like the soldiers of this Cripple Batallion (yes, that was their formal name). 😀


6 thoughts on “Carnival Season

  1. @Mankica: Hvala! Tista Japonka je res izstopala. :))
    @Aleš: Thanx, ampak evo, obljubim, da bom jaz tist štos probal, samo pofočkat pa jaz skoraj ne morem nikogar, ker noben ne bo igral te zadeve. :)) Bom pa jaz verjetno probal. :))
    @Mike: I like it when passers-by notice my work. 🙂 Thanx!

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