A Horseride to a Distant Time

The eighth of February is the anniversary of the death of our greatest poet France Prešeren. He died in my home town and every year on this day, we have an event called Prešeren’s Fair with stands and folklore dances, figures from Prešeren’s time etc. The president of Slovenia and the minister of culture also came to visit this year. From all that’s happening (old printing, games, folkore, books etc.) here’s just a few picks, the rest is at www.dax-photo.com

New: Visitors were able to have their picture taken and inserted into an old photograph.

President of Slovenia and the Minister of  Culture looking at books about France Prešeren.

Meeting actors on the streets of Kranj…

…and riding home in a carriage. 😀 (The sign left actually reads this is a carriage stop)

Well, they didn’t ride the carriage, but I did. 😀

We we’re doing a pretty good job of following their fast cars.

And this is why. Check out the paddles. Gas and brakes I guess. 😀 Not your usual carriage. 


2 thoughts on “A Horseride to a Distant Time

  1. Itak, sej to že veš, tvoje fotke so D-best in najbolj mi je itak všeč una k si slikal skozi steklo in se v ozadju vidi predsednika, je neki posebnega, pa itak una s konji je tut moja favoritka. (hug) ***

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