The Marble Infants

An important process in restoration and preservation of pure marble trout is taking care of the little babies and then get them into streams before they get used to the nursery. About half a million will go to cut-off streams and the Soča river this year. My NGM feature continued with some portraits of these infants, a bit of nursery and a trip to one of their new homes.

Fish keepers take out the bad eggs that could decompose in a spawn hole, infect and destroy the whole spawn.

Fish eggs with developed eyes are placed into streams instead of young fish that are already used to the hatchery conditions. Thus their development is more natural.

A number of fish inside the capacity of the hatchery is bred in the hatchery until the fish are of certain size, then the young fish are usually put in the mixing zones, where the pure marble trout mixes with the rainbow trout.

Eggs with eyes are put into a small stream cut off from other streams by natural barriers, so the pure marmorata can go downstream, but nothing foreign can come upstream.


7 thoughts on “The Marble Infants

  1. Hm, “Igor”, hvala! 🙂 Kakšna bo na koncu niti ne vem, vem, kaj imam zdaj in mi je kar fajn. Kar se fotografije tiče je zadeva skoraj končana, nadaljujem poleti, ko pride še nekaj podvodnih fotk (kolikor jaz lahko naredim), pa kakšno vlaganje, iskanje plemenk jeseni, potem je pa vse pokrito in računam, da bo to pač reportaža spomladi 2010 v NGM. Nekak mi ratuje ena velika reportaža na leto, kar je za NGM kar ok. 🙂

    LP in ne, ne bom še kupil Nikona. 😀

  2. “LP in ne, ne bom še kupil Nikona.”

    Tud prav; dokler v stavku uporabljaš besedno zvezo “ne bom ŠE”, je ŠE upanje zate – v bistvu to pomeni, da veš, da boš kupil Nikona, sam ne veš še, kdaj.

    You just like doin’ it the hard way, don’t ya?

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