Jumping, Climbing, Spawning etc.

I’m not in my very best condition generally, but this week was no vacation. Here are a few different images out of those seen on www.gorenc-on.net (my site is slowly being remodelled). Last weekend I was at the only place in my home town that is known to be very cold. Under the ski jumping hill. My batteries kept panicking about them dying, but they did alright.

In case you’re wondering, the first guy’s warming up while the other one is parking a van. 😉 😀

On Friday, we were spawning. 🙂 I can’t actually post the good ones, so here’s the deal. The point is to dig a spawning hole in the river bed, just like the trout do, put half-hatched eggs in, and cover them with pebbles and stones to protect them. I’m half way watching these guys grow up. 🙂 And since there’s half a million of them, when I meet a marble trout in the future, I have a great conversation opener: “Hey, I knew you when you were still in two places.” 🙂

Yesterday, I went to another place tht ranks high on my ‘most cold’ chart. To Mojstrana where they had the ice climbing world cup. Sure enough, the Russians felt at home (except for the fact that hardly anyone spoke Russian), but they were up against two of ours. Matevž Vukotič (SLO) battled a Russian of course in the final and finished second. In women’s competition, only Russians were on the start list. Always looking for a miracle, I thought a Slovenian would win, but surprise surprise the first, second, third and fourth place went to Russia. And that is the total number of women competitors. 🙂 As for the climbing… They are (wait wait, I’m processing) amazing! Spyders… Anyway, the images are mostly from the background. 🙂

Calculating the partial results…

Matevž Vukotič blowing air into his climbing shoes to warm them up (literally) before the final climb.

Russians celebrating after Pavel Batushev won the competition.

There was probably the first event in a series of events that will take place in the beginning of February when we comemorate the death of our greatest poet France Prešeren today. An exhibition of his works published by our biggest publisher, editor, journalist etc. Janez Bleiweis was opened in his home town. A lot of people spoke, but the interesting part was when editors and journalists recited Prešeren’s work.


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