Ljubljana Becomes a Frozen Swan Lake

Yes, didn’t you know, after the warming and melting, we got freezing temperatures and now were frozen stiff here in Slovenia. Actually, I’m just kidding. The St. Petersburg State Ballet On Ice came to Ljubljana with their Swan Lake on Ice. 

But no-one came!

Nope, still kidding.

Crowds of people swarmed to see the show. But then nothing happened. The ice was being watered…

People reading in the mean time, children playing with the stage…

OK, you do know I’m still joking, right?😀

Of course the show was on. But what the hell? Only one sinister guy showed up on ice.

You got me, still joking. They all came. Of course.🙂

And you can see all the images at www.dax-photo.com and www.gorenc-on.net

2 thoughts on “Ljubljana Becomes a Frozen Swan Lake

  1. Hahaha!!!!! Kolk dobr!! Jaz se znam drsat po riti in prav nic po labodje graciozno. In ne rabim ledu, le zlauso na cesti in plocnikih. :)))

    Btw, super novi logo-dax-photo-thingy!!!!!!

  2. Ja, saj jaz sem se pa samo z unim ta hudobnim lahko poistovetil, vse ostalo sem pa v drugih 45 minutah skoraj prespal. Jah, sorry, nisem ravno za balet.
    Najbolje je bilo pa nekaj, kar so moji peanut možgani težko sprocesirali. Balet, med občinstvom se je pa sprehajal tip in prodajal kokice kot na hokejski tekmi.🙂 Hm…
    🙂 Ja, logo se bo mogoče celo prijel. Malo sem ga pitchal v javnost, da vidim odziv😀 Made by Nina seveda😀

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