Images of 2008

2008 has been quite a busy year. So I decided to go through the images and see what was going on. I excluded features like the water problem of Egypt and the shift in lifestyles in modern Cairo. Nor did I include the garbage problem of Naples or Tuscany street photography. I chose the events of 2008 instead, the images taken for Dax Photo,, Slovenia Times & Planet Tuš. So here’s my 2008 in pictures.

Mateja Robnik (SLO) celebrates her result after the 2nd run of giant slalom at the 44th Golden Fox in Maribor on 12th January.


Loyalty to Laško beer at the Kranj carnival, 2nd February 


A member of Godlarji carnival society representing a priest, but with a statement. Šenčur near Kranj, 3rd February


The Venice carnival, 5th February


The home town of Slovenia’s greatest poet France Prešeren celebrates 8th February, the day when he died in Kranj, by reenacting the times when he lived.


Balloons fill up with hot air at the Bled balloon festival taking place from 8th to 10th February


Nightwish performing in Ljubljana’s Tivoli hall on 4th March


Mario Matt (AUT) finishes giant slalom at the Vitranc Cup in Kranjska Gora on 8th March


Massimo Bianconcini (ITA) performing a stunt at the Masters of Dirt: Night of The Jumps in Graz, Austria, on 15th March.


Michael Uhrmann (GER) at the Planica Ski Jumping finals on 16th March


The year’s season of events held by old car enthuisiasts began with the first rally Ljubljana Classic on 16th April


Bon Jovi performs at Magna Racino in Ebreichsdorf near Vienna on 4th June


U.S. president George Bush visits Slovenia for the EU US Summit on 9th June


Spectators watch aerial stunts at the Maribor Airshow on 15th June


Alanis Morissette performs at Vienna’s Gasometer on 2nd July

Avril Lavigne performs on her last concert in the European leg of the Best Damn Tour in Leoben, Austria, on 9th July


The start of the night run around Lake Bled on 12th July


Alenka Godec performs at the opening concert of the traditional summer music evenings in Škofja Loka, 19th July


The final preselection for the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Slovenia was held in Casino Tivoli in Lesce on 9th August


A tired visitor of numerous exhibitions at Visa Pour l’Image rests in front of  a gallery. Perpignan, France, on 6th September


A clown playing a magician (Teater Cizamo) performs at the opening of a new playground in Kranj on 13th September


The Red Bull Upstream Wakeboarding is introduced in Tacen, Slovenia, on 20th September


Madonna performs at Vienna’s Donau Insel on 23rd September


Planet Tuš shopping mall opens in Kranj to a crowd of people wrestling for gifts, prizes and free food on 22nd September


Nermina Sijamhodžič wins the title of Slovenia’s Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2009 in Atlantis spa on 2nd October


Daša Podržaj gets the Miss Hawaiian Tropic crown after Nermina Sijamhodžič failed to perform her duties as a miss, the organizers report.


A guest tries out a Nikola Tesla experiment in Bistra Technical Museum at the Discovery Channel & their Slovenian representative Sibila d.o.o. celebration of localising Discovery Science for Slovenian viewers on 2nd October


The advertising agency Leo Burnett present the Best Act Award for the best smart add at the Golden Drum Festival in Portorose, Slovenia, on 9th October


Žana Ramšak wins Miss Buši competition. The contest is annually held to select the personality, talent and beauty among pregnant competitors, organized by a popular baby care shop Buši from Ljubljana. Ljubljana castle, 17th October


Visitors wait for the start of the charity concert ‘Can You Hear People Sing’ in the Brdo Congress Centre near Kranj, Slovenia. After being the center of EU presidency for half a year, the congress centre is now used to hold cultural events, mostly quality concerts. 18th October


Queen Elizabeth II visits Slovenia for the first time on 22nd October


Neisha performs at a charity concert in Tržič, Slovenia, on 25th October


A tired competitor walks to his car after the 13th Ljubljana Marathon on 26th October


David Rodman and Marcel Rodman of Acroni Jesenice wait for their turn on ice at their Ebel League hockey match against the Austrian Kac Klagenfurt on 11th November


A member of the Magical Theatre Serpentes performs at the Gaia Kingdom in Postojna Cave, a media event in promotion of the Postojna Cave tourism and future development. 12th November


Members of the Slovenian Police Orchestra rest before their concert in Brdo Congress Centre on 15th November


Maja Vidmar (SLO) after having missed only one grip to get to the top of the wall at the final competition of the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Kranj, Slovenia, on 16th November. She won silver.


Klemen Bečan (SLO) wins the first gold medal for men in climbing at the final competition of the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Kranj, Slovenia, on 16th November


Vlado Kreslin performs at the bowling alley of Planet Tuš shopping mall in Kranj on 21st November. Their bowling frequently hosts concerts and parties.


After finally opening the misterious Kranj underground tunnels to public, the underground became the venue of many events, including the exhibition of advent wreaths on 23rd November


After years of warm winters, first snow came to Slovenia on 24th November.

David Coverdale of Whitesnake performing in Munich, Germany, on 26th November


Alice Cooper performs in Munich, Germany, on 26th November as part of a tour held with Whitesnake.


The lighting up of Christmas lights in Kranj was the beginning of freezing period for photographers. It also brushes off on their agrression as seen on this photo, hahahaha 😀  28th November

Zoran Predin performs at a gala concert of Slovenian comedian Tone Fornezzi Tof in Medvode on 29th November


St. Nicholas visits children at the Planet Tuš shopping mall in Kranj on 6th December


Kid Rock performs in Schladming, Austria, on 7th December


The city of Kranj receives a mascot, an elf living in the underground tunnels. 13th December


Santa’s Elves arrive in Kranj with their machine to determine whether children were good or bad and a book where they wrote the names to later forward to Santa Claus. 17th December


Werner backstage in make-up of the New Year’s concert held by the local TV station at Planet Tuš Kranj on 18th December


The Slovenian modelling agency Bronz hosts a party and awards their top models of the year. 19th December


Santa Claus arrives in Planet Tuš Shopping mall to present gifts to children and employees on 20th December.


People visiting Kranj’s Planet Tuš shopping mall, their bars, cinema and bowling, listen to the Christmas concert held by the France Prešeren Choir on 20th December.

People cheering on the streets of Kranj minutes after midnight, 1st January 2009




6 thoughts on “Images of 2008

  1. uau, si pa čist povsod zgleda 🙂 Cela gora koncertov tam okol, človek si ne bi mislu da jih je toliko v bližini Slovenije v enem letu. Ful lepe slikce 😀

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