All Work And Pain

Besides doing some backstage stuff, a house party (oh, horror for my brain!!! and the beat resonating in my tooth as well!), the live nativity scene in extreme cold and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t even remember anymore, my “soul fulfilling” feature for NGM continued with another round of jerking off the marble trout. This time I was there to see how they extract semen from male trout. And boy, was I surprised. The thing actually has a term regarding a similar activity among humans. 😉 In some freaky way. Anyway, I measure a feature by the number of shots that are technically great and more or less stunning, full of narrative or… well, just perfect. And I got some of those this time, so I can easily end the year 2008. 😀 But I’m not posting them of course. 😀

If there wasn’t for the pain. I’m sick, it’s old news already. And I’m a bit ill, too. 😀 No, seriously, it’s not the weather actually. I’m imune to any cold or flu, any disease except for the fatal ones. And while people around me are contracting stomach flu, I just had 2 days of feeling like I got ran over by a truck and continued feeling more or less tired (but that’s probably from working too much). However, what pisses me off the most, is my damn wisdom tooth! But on the bright side, I got excuse for taking pain killers, and a great reason for being bitchy. 😀


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