Fire and Ice…And Lots of Laughs

What a yesterday. After selecting images for a low profile exhibition (no opening, if anyone is wondering) well into the night yesterday, I went to pick the prints up this morning. Yes, peachy, if it hadn’t snowed most of yesterday afternoon and evening. But unfrosting the car was again worth it – the prints are awesome. After that nice breakfast of nice imagery, Matej Slabe and I went photographing the country in snow and ice. Hm… Let me think, oh, yes, we drove up to the mountains got snowed in, slid off the road, then shoveled our car out of that pile of snow and ice, hiked to the nearest village, ate moss from tree bark (long day…), got serious frostbite, Matej lost a few fingers (keeps them in a jar now, had to paint them skin colour, because black is just not pretty) …

I guess I shouldn’t have taken a leak so near the lake… khm…

OK, that was my creative moment, and now some serious stuff. We did go ta a nearby mountain pass, but got there easily. Got my camera a shower again, but that’s ok, it can take one. I just hope it stays away from taking “baths”.


In the evening I drove half way to our capital city, to Medvode, where a famous Slovenian comedian and publicist Tone Fornezzi Tof celebrated the 2000th issue of his Boutique section in one of our newspapers. Lots of great artists there, comedians… Lots of laughs, great jokes. Really a lot of fun. Here’s a few images of some of the performers and what went on.

Tof in make-up before the show


Sašo Hribar

Saša Lendero

Vinko Šimek (LOL!!)

The illusive creature (because every time he was supposed to perform in my home town, something came up and the show was cancelled – now I finally caught him on my sensor) – Adi Smolar

The forbidden side of Helena Blagne. As photographers know, she only allows her left profile to be photographed, but this time, she didn’t have a choice. And I have to say there’s no injustice done here. She looks nice nevertheless.


Left to right: The mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković, former president of Slovenia Milan Kučan and his wife Štefka, whom we all congratulated on her birthday.

Finishing off the show, was Zoran Predin. 🙂

In contrast to the morning and afternoon, it was pretty hot in that hall, but things only got hotter. On my way home, I came across burning garden huts next to a shopping mall, and decided to take some shots of the firemen. Couldn’t go to the fire, because it was a crime scene. “Happy” young “party”-goers decided it was a bit cold outside not to have a fire to warm themselves up. 😀


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