IFSC Climbing World Cup Kranj 2008

Kranj hosted the final competition of the Climbing World Cup last weekend. Four of ours were in the finals. For the first time, Klemen Bečan among men, and our usual flagships among women: Maja Vidmar, Natalija Gros and Mina Markovič.

The hall was full, expecting the most from Maja and Natalija, but the outcome was even better – Klemen won the first ever gold medal for the Slovenian men’s climbing team. The men also started the competition, but none of them reached the top of the wall. Press photographers and cameramen were seated right underneath the wall. The competitor could basically land on our heads if not careful. 😀 But in the men’s competition, there was no danger, because they didn’t go as far up as to be directly above us.

Women were a whole different story. They’re like cliffhangers, Maja actually performed a Mission: Impossible-kind of a stunt. As she kept climbing, we were almost taking pictures straight up. Doing that with a Mark IIN and a 70-200 is not really easy, especially if your right shoulder hurts like hell for several days now. 😀 And seeing that stunt, damn, my shoulder screamed of pain! 😀

MY shoulder gave out a scream of terror at seeing this. 😀

The crowd was amazing. In a completely full hall, the cheering was deafening and gave you goose bumps with every rise in roaring as our climbers touched another handle. Anyway, here’s a special selection of the images. More of them are at www.gorenc-on.net and www.dax-photo.com


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