The Police Orchestra Concert

They’re good. They really are. And the concert was great. Lighting in the hall is bad, but I guess it comes with the territory. Although one line of lights above the orchestra more would fix the problem. Maybe next time, the organizers are really cool people. I try to find the feel of the event outside of the event as well, concerts have limited narratives and creativity. So I found the orchestra members relaxing before the show…

😀 And they recharged their batteries enough for the conductor to have to make them slow down, haha. 😉

And after that it was chow time!!! Great stuff. I finally decided to take a break a little (I normally don’t) and tried a few things.

Yes, that’s my hand right there. I got old since you last saw me and that coat is just a fashion statement. Noone can tell me now that I don’t have style. 😀

More photos at


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