The Horror Underground

In times when the tunnels under our town are becoming a popular tourist attraction, I found an old image from the times when things were a bit different. Piles of rubbish, rusted home appliances, radiators, stoves, furniture, barrels, isolating foam and lots of plastic and humus were almost reaching the ceeling of the tunnels. It was humid and wet, bare ground with puddles and absolutely no light. Who else would be crazy enough to shoot a music video in there but the metal band God Scard, and who else would be crazy enough to be thrilled by the idea but the Majestic 5 creative team. And since tunnels back then were a bit of a haunted mansion in the city, we decided to go with the horror story, throw in a psychopatic homicidal maniac and a lot of blood (waaay too much blood in my posts lately 🙂 )

Nowadays, the tunnels are open for toursts, paved, have electricity and lights etc. And are all clean, which is hard to believe if you had seen what they looked like before.


5 thoughts on “The Horror Underground

  1. Počasi bom začel verjeti, da si nekdaj bil serijski morilec 😀 😀 Me pa morda tukaj barva krvi ne prepriča, preveč oranžno, ali pa mi monitor mimo nese 😉

  2. Ja, Žiga, nikol se ne ve. 😀

    Uroš, ja, imaš prav. Malo, a pri meni ne kaj dosti, na oranžno vleče, ampak zato, ker je fleš vrgel čez malo rumenkast ton, ko se je odbil od stropa. Kelvine dol, pa bi bilo precej bolje, ampak takrat itak nisem v raw delal, da bi v postprodukciji popravil, v rovih pa believe me, vse vidiš narobe. 😀 Vsaj takrat si, ko je bilo bore malo luči in vsega.

    😉 Kaj pa če sem še serijski morilec? 😀

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