A Different Look At Tuscany

We’ve all seen the perfect images of Tuscany, the breath-taking landscapes etc. It’s like you have to bring back such images, if you ever go to there. But what if I don’t? What if I want to go against all the fixed impressions of the place? What if I don’t really want to show it as sterile as it seems on all the beautiful landscapes we see from just about everybody that’s been there with a camera?

One of Kranj High School’s obligatory extracurricular activities are also such trips, and me and Matej Slabe joined the 3rd-graders on their two day visit to this wonderful part of Italy. It was soon clear that the weather won’t be on our side. So, being eager to change existing concepts of portraying Tuscany, I immediately chaned my frame of mind to produce something other than landscapes and a bit different views of the sites.


We started off in Siena with the Church of San Domenico where photographers were faced with an old guard who was obviously on his last life mission – to seek and destroy anyone trying to take pictures of paintings and relics. I still don’t get it. Am I gonna steal the soul of a painting? Or do you actually believe an asshole like me is skilled in making forgeries. 😀

We then paid a visit to the Cathedral and were obviously first there. The other camera packing crowds rushed in after us, and by then, the garbage on the streets was already gone. The insides are stunning, especially the ceeling and the huge manuscripts, the format of which even beats the conveniance of our national paper Delo. Try reading THAT on the toilet. 

We went down towards the square and the only disobedient “students” who didn’t listen to the professor were the two photographers. 😀 No one was safe from me on the street. Anything out of the ordinary and you were a potential target. And if you are close to a famous site, well, you’re an even bigger target. 

When you get to the square, the whole world opens up. It’s huge and tilted, surrounded by restaurants with outrageous prices. It’s full of tourists but they mix with the locals, unlike other tourist sites where you only see tourists. Most of the people sit on the ground (too expensive to sit at a restaurant, haha), because it warms their asses – if it’s warm of course, which it wasn’t at the time we were there. Pigeons have a spa in the centre of the square 😀 (go there to see what I’m talking about). And again, it’s the melting pot of oddbals and outspoken behavior (mostly from kids).

On closer inspection, you can see that the man is wearing two pairs of glasses, the big ones over the small ones. 😀

A boy that found a very comfortable place and pose to gulp down a baggie of sugar.

Our next stop was San Gimignano, a medieval town famous for the world’s best ice cream (OMG, I want it, I need it!!!) and the museum of torture (hm… no, got that covered, don’t need it). No special photos from there since none of the kids or Matej or the three professors wanted to demonstrate any of the torturing devices. 😉 We then drove through that beautiful marsian-like landscape very late in the evening when taking pictures was impossible. Slept in a hotel by the sea, ate a three course meal (fortunately all together the portions made a one-course meal 😀 ), and in the morning took off for Pisa.

Once off the bus, you almost get an impression of being in Africa. Everybody’s black. And they’re donned with Rolex watches and shit you’ll never need. On first drp of rain, they pull out the umbrelas that will probably last for a day. Again, a typical site, but full of tourists only. And a site of some of the strangest behavior – posing in front of the tower as if they are holding it. That’s actually the most common pose! And it’s not even strange enough to deserve a photo in my selection. But jumping is. 😀

By the time we got to the expensive Florence it was raining like hell. And if it stopped, it stopped for two minutes. After seeing all the sites and cathedrals etc., we went out on the street to see the financial oddballs. 😀 A restaurant nearby prides itself on their Happy Hour when a drink is ONLY seven euroes. 😀 Great! I’m scared to think how much a drink costs otherwise.

Next stop – home. Unfortunately. 😀

More images can be seen on Matej’s blog and will soon be up on www.dax-photo.com.



11 thoughts on “A Different Look At Tuscany

  1. Tale široki kot res naredi svoje. Če me pa spomin ne vara sem na tem trgu jedel edino pico, ki je bila dobra. Vse ostale, ki sem jih jedel v italiji so bile zanič. Vidi pa, da so končno prenovili cerkev poleg stolpa. Ko sem bi nazadnje tam, je bilo vse obloženo z delovnimi odri.

  2. Črnobela fotografija mi je pač bolj všeč, ko je na fotografiji pomemben motiv in svetloba, njeno pripovednost pa nobene čudne barve ne zmotijo. Vse prevečkrat barve pokvarijo fotko in tukaj res ni bilo kakšnih barv, da bi bile pomembne. Saj veš, katere fotke so edine, kjer je bila barva pomembna. Teh pa tu ni, ne? 😀 Saj sem rekel, kdo pa prav, da mora biti Toskana pa super in ohoho lepo barvita? Saj so tam tudi druge zgodbe, kot samo barve in cerkve od zunaj. 😀

  3. črno bela fotografija seka, men je to najlepše… drgač pa zelo lep “potopis”, fotke pa meni fenomenalno, mogoče ravno zaradi barv, seveda so pa ujeti trenutki tisti, kin aredijo sliko 🙂

  4. Ne, bi pa z veseljem, preveril še kakšno, ampak po priporočilu. Če bom kdaj tam, se bom spomnil in preverim. Kar se tiče čb fotk, se popolnoma strinjam. Včasih res barve pokvarijo vse skupaj in stvari izpadejo bistveno bolje. Je pa predpogoj, da je sama fotografijo dobra in tele definitivno peljejo zgodbo.

  5. Dragi, tvoje črno-bele fotke so nekaj posebnega in ostani zvest svoji zvrsti fotografije, ker obvladaš. Itak obvladaš vse kar se lotiš tako, da bi človek težko rekel katera ti bolj leži in katera ne ampak tvoje črno-bele fotke so tvoje pečat, ki jih puščaš v fotografiji in ti ne potrebuješ barve, da ustvariš umetnino, o tvoji nadarjenosti govorijo tvoje fotografije same in zgornje fotografije so samo dokaz o tvoji predanosti in profesionalnosti. Verjamem vate. ***

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