Going Down On My Knees For The Queen

Actually, it was for the people in front of me behind the fence that kept the normal people from royalty strolling through the capital of Slovenia. See, if you don’t get the accreditation or any of the pools (not difficult to miss out in a country where these processes are subject to various other factors 😉 ), you go guerilla 😀

So, I go down on my knees, shoot through the bars, and you still get to see everything. Although people are not always nice – more often they are completely rude, insulting and primitive, and most often the people who take themselves for civilized and more dignified. I ran into nice people that understood. But unfortunately, they fell victim to the same people some of us photographers at that spot fell to. The official accredited press photographers (and some accredited enthusiasts 😉 X 2).

Thank you for your understanding.

Nevertheless, I accomplished my mission of not missing out on the historical event. I got the queen and she even smiled at me. Sure, I must’ve looked stupid poking my lens through the bars of the fence. 😀

Queen Elizabeth II finished her three-day visit to Slovenia and is already in Slovakia. The two most often confused countries in a package? Fortunately she’s not Bush, who might just forget which is which. 😀


6 thoughts on “Going Down On My Knees For The Queen

  1. No, saj važno je, da si jo dobil. Sicer pa obzirnost in spoštovanje drugih daleč pripelje (tega se ljudje premalo zavedajo). Tako sem tudi jaz prišel do ograje – zahvaljujoč ljudem, ki so se umaknili, da sem pač pokleknil pred ograjo, da jim nisem zastiral pogleda.

  2. Jaz sem bil dodeljen v pool, ki je imel pozicijo na stopnicah ob cerkvi, pa sem se odlocil in ob ograji cakal od 12h dalje..se je kar izplacalo, saj smo bili precej blizje kot tisti zgoraj.

    Glede smejanja pa, na dosti fotkah se smeji, ampak v naslednjem trenutku pa gleda tako mrko, da ti ni nic jasno 🙂

  3. Res je. Precej daleč so bili tisti na stopnicah. Pa saj… Lepa beseda lepo mesto najde, pa so se prijazni ljudje spredaj umaknili, da sva s Korenčem pokleknila čisto ob ograji, objektiv ven skozi rešetke, pa smo zrihtali.

    😀 Sam res. Ko gleda grdo, pa res gleda GRDO. 😀

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