The Seaside, Train Chase & The Soča River

Last week was quite a handful, working for an advertising company at the Golden Drum festival in Portorose. And then using the location (seaside) for a bit of a personal trip down to Ankaran. Sunbathing, watching the fishermen etc. Nina almost fell asleep (hangover I guess 😀 ). It was warm enough for some people to feel way too much at home in privacy on their sailboats (never assume they have a skin coloured bathing suit on). 😀 The sea is still warm though, people were swimming. We decided not to after a dead floated by.

Saturday was another day on the road. A rally so to speak. Remember the Bača gorge I spoke about in previous posts? And the horrible roads and all the road blocks and construction sites and how narrow the road is anyway? Well, imagine trying to chase a train through that gorge. That was my assignment. Yes, danger is my middle name 😀

Sunday was a day for fishing. Not me, I just took pictures of a fisherman on the Soča river for a NGM feature. I had Nina with me to assist me in carrying all the stuff. We then went deeper into the Alps and photographed the Soča river at different spots, bluring the water etc. It took some climbing as well, but no biggie.



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