Grayling 2008

There was a fishing competition in Kranj on Sunday. They went for the longest grayling. It was sunny but cold. It’s flyfishing again while the national flyfishing championship is over (I guess they already miss it) and Robert Čebul is again the champion. Well, he’s always somewhere at the top. No difference now. He won which came as no surprise to the others. In fact, some of them joked they’ll compete only at competitions where Robi won’t, so they could congratulate someone else for a change. 😀 And from photographic POV, the day was perfect. Everything worked perfectly, perfect metering, perfect focus, perfect everything – unlike the day before… Strange.

Robert Čebul. Check out his T-shirt. OK, it’s a bit of a commercial to publish this, but this is like rubbing it in. The fact that he always wins. Of course, all of it is for kicks and everybody takes it that way. The T-shirt reads something like “I was first. Of course.” But in slang, so I guess it’s like “I was first. Duuuuuhhh” 😀


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