Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2009 Final Competition in Atlantis

The final competition of the Slovenian Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2009 took place in Atlantis, an indoor pool complex. Needless to say it was pretty hot in there. 🙂 No matter how you take it. A beauty competition like any other. A bunch of pretty girls and the cutest don’t make it among the first three, but that’s life for ‘ya. And the titles all went to Alenka Pirnat and Nermina Sijamhodžić who also won and became Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

There were two musical performances between the girls’ walk on stage that were kind of special. The first because it was Tanja Žagar and Tanja always … well, a long and funny story, but we won’t go into that now. The other one was my almost-neighbour (two blocks away) Sanja Grohar in quite an impressing outfit. 😀

 Oops, she did it again… 

The dark side of Mary Poppins?

Oh, don’t look at me like that, I know I’m like fish out of water.

And finally, we got the winner and after photo sessions 100 and one way, the pool party continued with the celebrities, the competitors and their families and friends… I walked around like some papparazzi, the hosteses offering me snacks as a pick-up gesture (I wrote this to tease Nina a bit, btw 😀 ). Ironically, in a few weeks or so, I might be covering completely different situations… 😀

More at www.gorenc-on.net


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