Madonna Sticky & Sweet at Donauinsel, Vienna

She’s 50, but the beat goes on. She’s touring Europe promoting her Hard Candy, but the concert nearest to us was again miles away in Vienna. getting there is becoming an easy ride, but getting to the sound stage where we took photos from was quite something. 

An incredible 60,000 people crowded onto the Donainsel, an island on the Danube river. We had to squeze our way through the mass of people, pretty much alone for the support band Robyn, but for the Queen of pop, we got two security guys yelling in front of us and making a corridor. 😀 But we still had to push and shove to get there. The concert was nice, under a huge stage, and she put on quite a show. But she also knows the power of goodbye – she left without a single encore under a huge sign Game Over. Like it or not, it really was over, and all the 60,000 people flocked to both sides of the Floridsdorf bridge to get to the overcrowded U-Bahn.

Long lens were the key to this venue. Anything shorter than 300 mm was pretty far away, since we were on some 50 meters. But I spent the rest of the concert in the wavebreaker and that’s something to remember. You know who you are that made it possible, so thanks again! Madonna arrived on a throne, which is normal for a queen. It’s a little out of the ordinary though for a queen to be giving the finger to the audience, haha :D, or calling them motherfuckers (pardon my french) – not in a bad sense, of course. She started with songs from her Hard Candy, and then mixed some older hits into her Hard Candy set list. With some impressive visuals and descending parts of the stage that were also monitors playing clips from her videos, she brought the show to an end, but not before losing a mike. However, such occurances don’t stop an event like this – mikes are in abundance. 😀

Amazingly, Donauinsel was full of Slovenians. Tens of buses and cars arrived – the same cars that kept overtaking me on the highway (while I was going ten km/h over the limit) like I was standing still (the Slovenian way I guess). And while I’m having my “beauty sleep” (hahahaha) tomorrow, Madonna’s in Budva for her next concert.


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10 thoughts on “Madonna Sticky & Sweet at Donauinsel, Vienna

  1. Spoštovanja vredna glasbenica in moram rečt, starejša kot je, boljš zgleda 😀 Ne vem pa kako sem uspel tole spregledat, da je ta koncert. Očitno je spam filter pretrdo nastavljen 😉

  2. wow!! kere fotke!! uiiihu …

    te je verjetno tudi spektakel sam ponesel … 😉

    čestitke!! super fotke!!

    drugače pa – svaka čast Madonni – moja mami je stara ravno toliko … za primerjavo … 🙂

  3. @Uroš: Uuu, saj se derejo že full dolgo, da bo. Ampak je stara veš, se ji vidi, ko si bližje… 🙂

    @ Bojan: Si sicer na živec stopil, ampak ok. Se jebem in jebem, da bi bilo, ampak saj veš, kako je pri nas. “Ne iščemo novih sodelavcev”, potem pa imajo čez en teden 2 nova. Veze in poznanstva in še kaj drugega. Zato pa na netu naredim čim več. Se menim s Stopom in Žurnalom. A kaj ponujaš? Pomislil sem namreč na Zapik, samo mailaj me, če bi šlo.

    @ Jure: Hvala! Fajn spektakel je bil, ja. U, stara pa je, ampak je ko najstnica, res. Od blizu ne, ampak to itak nima veze. 🙂

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