The Final Monitoring & The Medieval Day at The Otočec Castle

OK, so a few big things happened. First of all, I didn’t go to those gorges just to get mad at the construction sites, so I’m posting some images from the last monitoring of the marble trout. And secondly, I am almost done with the medieaval events in Slovenia. The last event took me to the Otočec Castle. A small event, although it wasn’t always, but we know the limitations in this country, right? 😉 All in all, it was worth seeing. I got some quite good images. Here’s some semi-quite good. 😀

I can’t stop it. My Canon really wants to drown, and seeing what Canon announced instead ofa new full frame 1 series, I don’t blame it for being suicidal. 😀

Being on the road a lot and among people at these events (and others), I keep noticing a growing lack of consideration for others. Too many people think the world revolves around them. I see such people on every step, it’s really an epidemic. So I was really happy to control myself at a very common situation while photographing a very frequent act at the Medieval events – the magician. Sure, it’s for kids, but hey, in case you don’t know: at the same time with the feature in NGM, there is also a plan for another one in Junior, so… I get down on the kids’ level so they can all see, I keep turning around to see if there’s any kids behind me that cannot se over me – there weren’t. Only a mother with a kid raised high up to her shoulders. So I keep low, until a shot comes up, I lean forward to get it over the kids in front of me. Snap, and I’m back in my low position, out of sight. Yeah, but sometimes 20 seconds is way too much for a mother. And mind you, parents of small children I learned are the most incosiderate people of all. It’s like they lose a sense of others once their kids are born. So in that 20 seconds or even less I get a tap from behind and that angry look with a rude comment that I should go take pictures waaay back. Well, dear lady, some of us work while you are having fun. And we work, so you and your kid have something to see in a children’s magazine. And you like that, don’t you. Well… I take my photo and step back again. I keep alert for not disturbing you. And you can’t even show that much consideration? … Told her nicely and waited for the highlight. I got the bunnies long ago, but there’s a trick I really wanted to photograph, because it’s interesting to see. The levitation.

Here’s a thought for Canon. Try to get this shot with a “new” EOS 5D Mark II. See how many takes you’ll need. I don’t need the extra mpix, and the 9 focus points and the 3 frames per second, no format choice … It’s all off the mark for a phtojournalist. I need a full frame, 12 fps, format choice, double cf recording, digic 4, sensor cleaning, caption writing, low noise in a 1D camera. But hey, the new 5D can make movies!!! Weeeeee!! 😦


4 thoughts on “The Final Monitoring & The Medieval Day at The Otočec Castle

  1. Ful dobre fotke, srček in kot si že reku si odkril čarovniški trik … hm … sam jst zej ne bom tvoj poskusni zajček 😀 . Aja, pa enepar slik imaš res ubijalskih, sej so vse, sam enepar jih res iztopa. Men osebno so mi najboljše 3, 5, 6, in 11. Za trojko sva skupi ugotovila zakaj je D-best, za peto veš, ful dobr portret, šesta mi je ful smešna in glih taprav trenutek si ujel, enajsta je pa mešanica srednjeveškega in današnjega pijančevanja. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. @ Jernej: Ja, saj za dokumentarno, ki je bolj specializirana (počasna in temelji bolj na insightu), je super. Tudi jaz bi ga zato vzel, ker rabim nekaj takega. In marsikater fotograf velikih agencij, ki pokrivajo bolj krize, konflikte, socialne probleme, narava, poljudno-znanstvene teme itd. – skratka tudi NGM – bo zadovoljen. Ampak ko pa rabiš nekaj, da ti bo služilo tudi za “spot news”, šport itd. – ti pa ne pomaga kaj dosti.

    @ Klemen: Ja, saj včasih sem jih že (pa pravijo mi, da dobr), pa jih bom spet začel. A ne bo to fino? Saj je vseeno, kaj se valja na mojem kompu, a fotke a filmčki. 😀

    @ Tepka 😉 : Hihi, ja, saj me je čarovnik kar malo čudno gledal, ker ga je malo skrbelo. Ampak brez skrbi, Saturno, ne bom povedal. 😉 Jah, saj sem ti rekel, nekaj precej fajn fotk je nastalo. Neki drugi koti, predvsem široki kot je tisto mečevanje.
    Hvala ***

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