Red Bull Upstream Wakeboarding in Tacen

I’ve seen my share of similar events and frankly speaking the media has been thrown (metaphorically speaking) somewhere between a rock and a hard place on too many occasions. This was something completely different. My first Red Bull event basically and I was happy to see the media well taken care of and minimally bothered by the security. Or not at all. They ran out of photo badges, but they soon took care of it by telling the security about the extra photographers. Very media-friendly. 

The event itself was a world premiere. The first upstream wakeboarding competition in the world. The wakeboarder was pulled upstream by a rope and needed to perform the best stunts to please the judges. The competitors came from Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Belgium and Austria. Between the qualifying rounds and the final, we also saw a kayak rodeo show. Basically riding the rapids. The guys really know their stuff. Great show.

And of course some spectators. 😀 Check out the little guy with hairy ears. 😀

And his cousin. 😀

I’m suspecting there was some out-breeding involved. 😀

More photos at



5 thoughts on “Red Bull Upstream Wakeboarding in Tacen

  1. Hvala! Ampak, ej, saj nima veze, a so boljše a ne, sploh je pa to relativno 😉 Saj ne tekmujemo 😀 Vsaj midva ne, če za isto delava, hahaha 😀 Druge pa včasih tud skomolčkmo v Savo, če je treba, ne? 😀 😀

  2. D-best fotke sam upam, da nisi spet fotoaparat učil plavat, ker tuki bi pa res utonu 😀 . Aja … po fotkat sodeč je tale folk smao še za v norišnico, ker če so take akrobacije delal potem so čisti norci. 😀 😀 😀


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