The Medieval Day in Ljubljana

It wasn’t as big as last year, because the temperatures dropped extremely. We were freezing. A big portion of the program was cancelled, some of it (the market, and the bafoons and knight battles) was outdoors, the rest in a hall, where Primož Trubar, the father of Slovenian printed word, was greeted. A feast followed. Pork, chicken and a lot of smelly onions. 😀 Put me off food for a while even though I haven’t eaten the whole day. But here’s the difference between all those wannabe what-do-I-care-about-other-photographers photojournalists who carelessly stand opposite of every other photographer with a huge smile on their face and the ones on the other side, who are trying to get a good shot without the cameras in frame. The first won’t go freezing their butts, because they don’t have to. 😀 So yesterday, it was smooth sailing. 😀 And since this was the forelast medieval event, I’m covering for NGM Slovenia, well, here’s just a preview of what did make the cut, but probably won’t make the final one. 😀


3 thoughts on “The Medieval Day in Ljubljana

  1. Ja, po moje, ja. 😀 Vsaj mislim. Nisem te kaj dosti videl, ker si se skrivala na toplem večino cajta, ampak se mi zdi, da si bila tam, ja. 😀 😀

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