Shooting Kids

With a camera of course. But what I realised after today and the other time at the medieval event that was swarmed over by little rascals is that there’s a big difference in children and types of events. This one was all about a new playground, face painting, drawing, clowns, magicians … The other one was about knights. And needless to say, knights and sword fighting and stuff draws a lot more (ok, mostly) bad boys. The other day, I had to be very careful not to get my eye poked out with a wooden sword by a one of those hundreds of kids running amock. This time, they were just plain cute and funny.

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4 thoughts on “Shooting Kids

  1. Ful D-best fotke, srček. Vidim, da si se mal igral in, da si se prav lepo znašel med otroki in očitno ti to sdee fotkat, ker se res lepe. Ful lepa tut galerija na ****

  2. Ne da mi sede, ampak otroci nekaj pokažejo, dajo kaj od sebe, kar odrasli ne. Simpl ko pasulj. Če so motivi ekspresivni, potem so tudi fotke. 😀
    Hvala, tepka

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